Authenticate This HERMÈS Bag-Read 1st post before posting!

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  1. Please Authenticate.

    HERMES Bleu Jean, Clemence Leather, Palladium Hardware NEW 30cm LINDY Bag

    Listing number: 390840693029

    Seller: trycomp


    Comments if any: Is this a good buy?

  2. Dear outhenticatotrs, I am interested in Drag bag listed on EBay. I asked seller to provide information about date of production, however seller does not know where to look for it on the Drag bag. Nether do I. Type and color of leather s also not clear. Could you please help us to find stamp and authenticate this item?

    Item: Authentic Hermes 'Drag' Hand Bag Tan Calf leather gold tone classic H hdwre
    Seller: worldoluxe

    Thank you very much in advance for your valuable input.
  3. It is authentic, it is Chamonix. The stamps for the atelier and the year should be under the right hand pull up tab as you look at the bag.

    I think it is a beautiful bag. I love mine in the same size as this one.
  4. Thank you Babababi! It is also absolutely beautiful to me :smile:
  5. We are happy to authenticate for posters who regularly contribute by giving their comments in other threads and not only make authentication or ask for help requests. This is why you did not get a reply. It is explained in the first post of instructions for the thread.

    We do encourage and welcome your participation in future.
  6. Hi authenticators, I have been saving up for my first hermes for a while now and have been stalking the hermes forum and looking at all the beautiful purses you all have. I think i might have found the right kelly and I can't wait to post and share my purse on the forum (instead of just stalking). I just need to make sure it is authentic before taking the dive. It would be great if you could share your expert opinion. Thanks in advance!

    Item: Hermes Kelly 28 Retourne Black Box Handbag
    Item #: 321407429736
    seller: kweepeixi
  7. Dear authenticators I would like to ask for some help authentic this hermes clutch I've been saving up for.

    Item: Authentic Hermes jet clutch
    Listing number: 301155385044
    Seller: nourdinou

    The listing has ended however I have talked to the seller that I am still interested with the bag so she put it aside for me to buy but I'd like to hear from the professional with regards to buying a preloved hermes leather goods especially for my very first one. Thank you in advance and I greatly appreciate what you all do for us :smile:
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    Last edited: May 18, 2014
    Item: Hermes Kelly Wallet
    Listing number: 221439386544
    Seller: bluemissdior

    Dear ladies, I'm relatively new to H. I've bought various accessories from H but never any bag/wallet items. I've always bought items from the boutique so far but as the Kelly wallet is very difficult to get from the boutique I thought I'd try my luck my ebay.

    The seller claims the wallet is authentic (as listed in the subheading), but I'm personally not 100% certain. While the wallet itself looks ok, I'm concerned about its authenticity based on the dustbag in the picture, as the counterfeit Kelly wallets I've seen on google have all got that same dust bag - and the quality of the dustbag doesn't seem to be great from her pictures. Also the white paper booklet? For those of you who's owned or seen a H wallet, have you seen that in the box also?

    The seller is also selling an Hermes bracelet (, which she claims was bought at the same time with the wallet - maybe or maybe not this will give a better clue on its authenticity? I'm providing links for both items, hope that it'll help you form a better idea.

    Your opinions are greatly appreciated, thank you very much!

    P.S. Just realised that I should have posted this in the Accessories thread - apologies ladies!
  9. Please search before requesting. Post #4264 Page 285.
  10. Item: Auth HERMES Fjord Birkin 35 Handbag Chocolat Hardware Gold
    Listing number: 400712440983
    Seller: brandoff

    Comments if any: Does the Fjord Chocolat description of the bag seem accurate? The seller states the lock/key/clochette are included but the listing does not show photos of the lock or closeups of the keys. brandoff seems to be a well-regarded seller among TPFers, but I've contacted the seller about this in the meantime. Deepest thanks and appreciation for your guidance and expertise!
  11. It might be Fjord. This sellers pictures are never the greatest. I don't see any issues with it from an authenticity perspective though. Condition issues obvious and pictured.