Authenticate This HERMÈS Accessory

  1. Thank you!
    Would it be helpful if i ask for another picture? Or a detailed picture of the stitching in daylight? Or not necessary ;)
  2. Ask for a clear picture of the outside of the bracelt, preferably in daylight. The stitching is bad but I´d like to see what it looks like on the outside. Everything else is consistent with hermès quality IMO, stamp, hardware etc.
  3. Thank you, I will ask!
  4. Thanks anyway- I see it sold. I guess at the BIN price, not much to lose. I had never seen that design before so was curious.
  5. You´re welcome. If you see the seller has only one feedback which appears to be for some apparel or something. It is not trust or confidence installing. The risk of it beeing too good to be true is very high.
  6. I agree that there is reason to be suspicious. This seller did sell what appears to be an authentic Hermes scarf which is why I thought the bracelet may be authentic but not being an expert and so little to go on in terms of visual evidence, I refrained. Sometimes legitimate new sellers offload things all at once- cleaning closets or just requiring cash. But you are right, it is very hard to tell a good seller from a bad apple counterfeitor esp. with so little fb.
  7. The information about them having sold an authentic scarf is not available and I didn´t know that. I agree that sometimes people off load alot of things at once and they may not have sold much before.

    I do think that most honest sellers will/should have considerable feedback as a buyer before they start to sell. Then a potential buyer can see what kind of purchases they have made in the past. To me that is important information.
  8. I saw above that you don't do authentication for enamel bracelets anymore. Is there a thread that does? Or are there just too many fakes out there to be sure? I have my eye on a few online!
  9. Maybe we will find out one way or the other when the buyer leaves fb.