Authenticate this Hermes 35 Gold Birkin

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  1. Item: Hermes 35 Gold Birkin w/ GHW, I am not sure of the leather but it looks like Epson to me. Purchased $14500 USD
    Seller: I purchased this from my mom's friend who has a collection of Hermes Bags. History: She said her husband gave it to her as a gift in 2010. I do not know where he purchased it from.

    I have more pictures but they are only allowing 10. I will post a comment with more of them.

    I would appreciate all your help and comments. Thank you so much!
    BB1.JPG bb2.JPG bb3.JPG bb4.JPG bb5.JPG bb6.JPG bb7.JPG bb8.JPG bb9.JPG bb10.JPG
  2. Here are the rest of the pictures

    thank you again!
    bb11.JPG bb12.JPG bb13.JPG bb14.JPG bb15.JPG bb16.JPG bb17.JPG bb18.JPG bb19.JPG bb20.JPG
  3. Oh :oh: did you post as a reply in the thread I linked? All Hermes auth questions goes into the same thread as replys.
  4. Thanks for your suggetions elliespurse.

    I posted it with the link of this thread. WOuld that be ok or should i write everything and do another post all over again? i am so sorry it really is the 1st time i am posting something to be authenticated. i read all the rules and copied the format though.
  5. ^It's perhaps not enough with just the link, you could wait and see if anyone answers. They usually wants you to post in the format in the first post and with the pics required:

    Format for private sales:
    Item: Description of bag for sale, including type, size, leather and color and price.
    Seller: Name of the seller and how you found the seller.
    Bag History: Where did the seller say the bag comes from?
    Pictures: All the pictures required must be included. Source of the pictures, i.e. who took them. See the comments on Pictures below for what is needed.
    Comments: Any special comments.

    PICTURES: All these pictures are required for all authentications.
  6. ok i will do it now.
  7. Your new posts looks good, and you got an answer too. Congrats!

    You don't need to remove this thread and you wont be accused of double posting. It's no problem and the mod will close it. tPF is huge and it's not easy to find the right place to post.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.