Authenticate This Gustto

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  1. So I received this Baca yesterday, and after inspecting and comparing it to two of my friends' Bacas (both def authentic, purchased at Shopbop and Revolve) there are a number of distinct differences. My initial thought is that perhaps it is a weird production sample of some sort?? I do not believe it is fake because the leather feels and smells the same as one of my friend's Baca, even though these discrepancies are concerning....

    1. Twisted strap...this is what initially made me think it was a defective sample of some sort rather than a fake.

    2. No inner cell phone pocket...just one big pocket.

    3. No leather trim around the zipper pocket...although I realize that some Bacas are also like this.

    4. Inner leather label says, "MADE IN THE USA"...never seen this.

    5. Main zipper has a YKK zipper.

    6. Studs do not say Gustto on them, although again I have heard that some sample Gustto's are like this.

    7. Leather piece with the ring attached at the top rather than the bottom....again some Baca's are like this I've read.

    8. No seams running down the front and back of the bag....not made in leather panels. Bag as a whole seems smaller than the medium size.

    Just an extra pic of the hanging tag:

    Please share your thoughts!!!!! Thanks!
  2. Where did you get this strange Gustto Baca from?? :confused1:
  3. ^^ That's what I'd like to know. Fake or not, the messed up strap and the bad stitching on the patch would be enough for me to send it back.
  4. It's kind of a sticky situation actually. It is originally from eBay, however, I lost out to another bidder but ended up buying it from the winning bidder in a transaction OFF of eBay. :shame:
  5. It is definitely authentic, and gorgeous! Gustto, apparently, since it was a relatively new company last year, ventured a few times with different interiors. Some had the logo lining. Some had the yellow lining with 2 patch pockets, some had it with 1 patch pocket. Some had leather around the interior zipper, some not. Some had leather above one of the patch pockets, some didn't. You can tell from the leather, that this is 100% authentic. No counterfeiter would ever make a bag with that leather.....

    I have numerous Gustto bags, but love this color!
  6. You can always contact Gustto for help in authenticating your bag. They are SO helpful and if you didn't get a sleeper bag for it, they'll send you one free! :tup:
  7. Wow, the leather looks like Gustto leather but the other things, how weird.

    I have a couple of Bacas and all I have ever heard (from this site) is the linings vary, depending on when, where, etc. There is a thread on that. The poor stitching on the inside patch, that would be ok with me, mine two don't look perfect. But no seams, hmmm.

    Maybe you might have a 'beta' version, before the real thing went into production, contacting might reveal some answers. Either way, I love the color and would just get the strap fixed (did you pay a fortune for it?).

    Maybe the Gustto experts on this site will know more?
  8. If Gustto want to be one of the reputable handbag makers, they need to improve their quality control.
  9. My bag did in fact come with a sleeper, surprisingly haha. I paid about $300 for the bag, which is way more than I would have liked to pay now that I'm finding all these defects (the twisted strap especially). I'm waiting to hear back from the original seller to find out where exactly she purchased this bag...

    I guess my next step will be to contact Gustto directly for some answers and perhaps a repair on the strap. Thanks for all the replies!! :smile:
  10. sounds like a sample...before production.
  11. I had this bag and the lining is certainly the same. I paid $350.00 at their sample sale so bid accordingly...looks good to me.
  12. Hi everyone, I am new to this and so I apologize if this question has been asked already. I searched for this topic but only found one thread.

    My question is, do authentic Gustto bags have to have the black 'Gustto Signature' in the inside lining? Or can Gustto bags be authentic with just the yellow lining? I am looking on eBay and there are sellers who say their bags are guaranteed authentic with both linings. Thank you for your help! I really appreciate it!
  13. They've got both kinds of lining. I have 4 gusttos, and 2 have the logo printed inside and 2 don't. 3 of my 4 were special ordered from gustto, so I have no doubt they're authentic. Hope that helps!
  14. welcome to TPF! First of all, what type of Gustto bag are you talking about? The number of inconsistencies in Gustto bags have been discussed at great lengths here at TPF. If you do a search for Gustto, you'll find tons of threads and posts about them.

    One reason for the inconsistencies is that Gustto has changed factories a couple of times. It could also be a style/color related inconsistency. Authentic Gustto bags have both plain yellow and the black and yellow signature print. You'll also notice inconsistencies on the wording of the inner leather tag, whether or not the inner zipper pocket is trimmed with leather or not and the placement of the Made in Spain tag.

    The biggest telltale sign of authenticity is the leather. Fake Gusttos are made of a thick, rubbery leather that almost looks bubbly in pics. Authentic Gustto bags are very soft and smushy, the leather usually rich & thick. Are you looking at a particular bag/auction?