Authenticate This Guess

  1. hi.. plz help me!! is this guess bag genuine, do genuine guess stuff hv diamente "guess" on the clasp??
  2. Guess is not a frequently faked brand, so I wouldn't worry about it.
  3. do genuine guess bags hv "guess" words emblazoned on the clasp??
  4. ^^ Yes, they do. I have seen that bag before at Macy's. Also, I have never seen a fake Guess bag.
  5. Hi all,

    I've recently bought a guess denim bag from eBay. The seller listed as authentic and it looks also authentic to me. After I received it I was doubting about it authenticity but due to the nice details on the outside I've convinced myself it is authentic and left a positive feedback for the seller.

    However after reading some reviews about guess bags, I start to doubt again. The inner lining is so fake according to those reviews and there's no label inside the bag which an authentic one normally has.
    Can someone please help me out? It wasn't expensive but I have nothing to with a fake bag.


  6. Di you get any help?
  7. Sorry, i am german and my english is not good enough
  8. From whom? The seller or people on this forum? :p
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  10. Are there any Guess authentication threads? I have a Guess bag that I originally thought was fake because the tag said made in china but I've been reading that Guess bags are made in China. It was bought in Mexico by my moms mother in law at a mall in some ritzy part of Mexico, so the tag is in spanish. it says though that the exterior is 100% PVC and the interior is 100% cotton and the style number is PA197407. Here is the link to this set of photos.
  11. Hi, I moved your post to the Guess thread.

    Hope you gets some answers here.
  12. Yep there is lots of fake guess so I'd be very careful. Just bc it isn't some high end designer does not mean it is authentic. I've come across fakes in just about everything