Authenticate This GUCCI

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  1. Thank you, J!m!!!! ❤️
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  2. Much appreciated, thank you for your time!
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  4. Honored... You have a good eye and great taste. Can't wait to see how you style these... I already have ideas of my own on how I would rock these. lol
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  6. Item Name: Gucci Attache Case or Briefcase (?)
    Link: (google photo album of my photos)
    Seller: Bought from a woman at yard sale yesterday
    Who took pictures: Me
    History: Unknown / likely sordid, given the broken lock. We can, however, surmise that the previous owner frequented Jalapeno Inferno for Happy Hour back in 2011.
    Comments: Yard sale find for $10. I had buyers remorse driving home because I figured it HAS TO be a fake. (I know next to nothing about luxury bags.) So I googled signs to look for with fake bags, and I didn't see any obvious signs with this bag. So, I figured I'd ask the experts here for opinions.

    Serial tag # 34046 486628

    Thank you in advance!
  7. Item Name: Gucci GG Marmont small matelassé shoulder bag
    Seller: Facebook Marketplace
    Who took pictures: Seller
    History: Unknown / This bag was used like 8 times total. It has no signs of wear ,scratches or stains. This bag was kept clean in a pet free smoke-free home.
    Comments: Cheap than new but still a tad expensive? Just want to make sure before I buy!

    Photos: same link as above
    Serial tag # A015-9906 / 08-07-09
  8. Sorry just realized I used the wrong format,
    Listing number/refernence: 8415143
    Seller: vestiare collective - professional seller, paola
    Comments: Me: Hello, are there any real photos of the bag the ones you have posted appear to just be stock photos; Seller: Hi Andrea, the bag is new never used!; Hi, I have inserted the photos of the bag that you were asking

    Thanks so much!

    Attached Files:

  9. Item Name (if you know it): not known
    Link (if available):
    Seller: bought second hand
    Who took the pictures: me
    History of the bag: late 1970 early 1980
    Comments: hi. Can you please tell me if this bag is authentic? I bought it second hand and was guaranteed genuine. Sides appear to have been originally glued, is this correct for the date of bag? Many thanks!

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  10. Fake
  11. Fake
  12. Looks OK
  13. Looks OK