Authenticate This GUCCI

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  1. Hi.
    Please help me with Authenticating my purse. I would like to please know the original value and the description.
    I am very excited to find these details out.
    And in advance... Thankyou!
    Serial Number: 033.2031.0808.13
    IMG20190203132533.jpg IMG20190203132550.jpg IMG20190203132609.jpg IMG20190203132620.jpg IMG20190203132653.jpg IMG20190203132719.jpg IMG20190203132732.jpg
  2. Hi all!
    I'm new to the luxury handbag game and looking to buy my first piece secondhand.
    I'm really interested in this bag but the price seems too good to be true. I asked the seller for some more detailed photos of the serial number leather tag and the "GUCCI made in italy" leather tag and am waiting for a response. Not sure how much you can tell from the seller's photos but thanks everyone in advance!

    Item: GG Marmont small matelassé shoulder bag black
    Listing number: 382760708501
    Seller: iluv_alex4evagottfried9060_5
    Comments: Owner claims guaranteed authentic
    Excellent pre-owned condition- very minor scuffing.
    They are the original owner and purchased this at Gucci Boutique
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    Hi there! I would love to have this bag authenticated!

    Item name: Gucci
    Black Logo GG Canvas Small Purse

    Link: N/A

    Who took the photos: i took the photos

    History of the bag: i dont know it’s history, i found it at my local thrift shop!

    Comments: i found this bag at my local thrift shop for $5. It feels very substantial and i have found the same bag online however i would like a professional opinion! Thanks!
    C7A5D1D1-0BB8-45D1-993E-1E41CDF5896D.jpeg 4B9F4FAD-5EB6-4A9C-86B1-A97A252FD2C1.jpeg E0E56C56-CE04-4F34-A0D2-0D8983FCFC22.jpeg 47349214-B93A-4373-A1F2-EB26068ADF45.jpeg D9FA0E5C-D13B-489A-BF8E-635B77FDBEE4.jpeg 00A49506-24CA-49FC-BB7E-CCCA30097082.jpeg 9537BEAA-A788-4ADD-A8C0-CD38DAD88968.jpeg
  4. Gucci Supreme Medium Shoulder Bag
    Model no: 523354 96IWT 8745

    Seller claimed the bag was given during gift exchange and that the markings of the bag are authentic. Brand new item.

    Can someone authenticate this to see if it’s authentic? Thank you in advanced.
    30C8E89A-F82C-411A-92D7-2DC000CB66A0.jpeg 0B4745AC-2AED-48DC-A636-320FD2AC1A7E.jpeg 82BA9310-E379-4720-BA2B-D8617DECA702.jpeg 6601C1B0-7AB6-457C-818D-99FAC65B6E7F.jpeg 8F60DA86-F506-4DBD-AE98-0233A69A710C.jpeg E8214046-D3F1-4621-B577-20EFBFC31CF3.jpeg 1634EED6-1790-4E62-8C48-C7FA459337BD.jpeg 96885E97-87B6-4D29-BFE3-2B79DE73CB3F.jpeg 854317BB-D2D9-4F9A-895F-DABFCF2A2702.jpeg
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    Item Name: Gucci Soho Disco bag.
    Who took the pictures: I took the pictures - The photographs were taken with the flash on (the bag isn't as shiny in real life.
    History of the bag: Seller claims it is 100% authentic
    Comments: Please can someone kindly authenticate this bag for me? Thank you in advance :heart:
    More photographs to follow...
    g02.jpg g03.jpg g04.jpg g05.jpg g06.jpg g07.jpg g08.jpg g09.jpg g10.jpg g01.jpg
  6. g11.jpg g12.jpg
    g14.jpg g14.jpg g15.jpg g16.jpg g17.jpg g18.jpg g19.jpg g20.jpg
  7. Further information regarding my request for authentication for the above Gucci Soho Disco: please note the tassels have separated from each other (that is why there appears to be more tassels than the usual Soho!)
  8. Hello ladies!
    Could you take a look at this Gucci Padlock?

    Item - Gucci Bee Purse
    Seller - Pumpkinstore
    Who took the pictures - the seller
    Link -
    Comments - The seller states it was a gift and that she's not sure of authenticity - a red flag I know - but it does look good. She thought it was a small but the dimensions seem like the medium.
    Thanks in advance for your time!
  9. Item Name: gucci soho disco
    Seller: Privat person
    Who took the pictures: The seller
    History of the bag: Not sure
    Comments: Please help! seller claims it is real, but i am not sure..
    fullsizeoutput_10d5.jpeg fullsizeoutput_10d6.jpeg fullsizeoutput_10d8.jpeg fullsizeoutput_10d9.jpeg fullsizeoutput_10db.jpeg fullsizeoutput_10da.jpeg
  10. Hi!
    I'm looking at these Gucci sunglasses on Poshmark. I have been eyeing them for a while, but I also don't want to buy a fake! Could you help me authenticate them?

    Item: Round frame metal sunglasses (black)
    Listing number: I'm not sure where to find that...
    Seller: "guccisnob" (seller on poshmark
    Comments: The seller looks pretty legit, but I really don't want to end up with fakes that I will never use. Do the sunglasses look real?
  11. Item Name (if you know it): Gucci Ophidia Crocodile
    Link (if available):
    Seller:Private seller
    Who took the pictures: Myself
    History of the bag:Claimed to be bought in the official site of gucci
    Comments: I am concerned on the weight of the hardware, should they be gold? also concerned that Gucci heat stamp does not seem perfectly centered, the base of the bag does not look the same to the one in the official site
  12. Item Name (if you know it): I'm not sure. It's a vintage bag.
    Link (if available): N/A
    Seller: Local consignment shop in Las Vegas
    Who took the pictures: myself
    History of the bag: I bought it from a consignment shop who said it was authentic.
    Comments: The consignment shop has good reviews but I just want to be sure for my own piece of mind.
    20190207_122219.jpg 20190207_122236.jpg 20190207_122244.jpg 20190207_122259.jpg 20190207_122326.jpg 20190207_122351.jpg 20190207_122404.jpg 20190207_122410.jpg 20190207_122415.jpg
  13. Seller: Private seller
    Who took the pictures: Myself
    History of the bag:Claimed to be bought in the official site of Gucci
    Comments: I am concerned on the weight of the hardware, should they be gold? also concerned that Gucci heat stamp does not seem perfectly centered, the base of the bag does not look the same to the one in the official site
    20190207_173210.jpg 20190207_173218.jpg 20190207_173222.jpg 20190207_173233.jpg 20190207_173240.jpg 20190207_173248.jpg 20190207_173258.jpg 20190207_173308.jpg 20190207_173332.jpg 20190207_173344.jpg
  14. Please help me authenticating this purse. I bought it on eBay Authenticate, it looks good and actually came with original box and receipt, but I still trust the experts here more.
    Name: Gucci Marmont Mini bag in pink
    Seller: eastvaleluxe (from ebay)
    History: receipt shows it was purchased in July 2017 in London
    image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg