Authenticate This GUCCI

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  1. Dear Gucci Experts! I was hoping you could help me to be sure, if this bag of mine is authentic Gucci or just a fake. I’m not sure about it’s name, but I guess it coul be Gucci Beige Teal Turquoise GG Monogram Horsebit Hobo? I bought the bag about 10 years ago, from a private seller, who claimed it to be authentic.
    I guess the bag is quite old also (from 1980s)? The metal parts make it actually quite heavy. Thank you in advance!

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  2. Please help me authenticate this vintage gucci

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  3. Can some one help to verify it if it is real?. I bought it in a thrifft store it looks like it is good quality 20190128_202317.jpg 20190128_202026.jpg

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  4. And once again in the right formate:

    Item Name (if you know it): Gucci Beige Teal Turquoise GG monogram horsebit hobo
    Link (if available):
    Seller: none
    Who took the pictures: me
    History of the bag: I bought the bag about 10 years ago from a private seller, who claimed it to be authentic.
    Comments: I guess the bag is quite old (from 1980s)? The metal parts make it quite heavy. It also seems to be good quality.
  5. I was wondering if anyone could verify if this is a genuine vintage Gucci....
    It was on ebay but I noticed the auction is no longer active, although I still have the link to it below.
    Item: Gucci crossbody bag (don´t know the model name)
    Listing number: (is this the same as item number?) 183640878492
    Seller: planet_dolls

    Note, the pics and info from the ebay auction are still visible if you scroll down a bit!

    I hope this is enough to see if this is genuine, I apologize if it doesn´t work with a closed auction but it's all I have at the moment..

    Thank you! :smile:
  6. I'm not one of the regular authenticators
    I'm not one of the regular authenticators, for full disclosure, but these are not authentic. For future reference , you will normally need to include pic of Gucci made in mark on the top of the insole, the code underneath the tongue, and side view of the sneaker.
  7. Dear All,
    I'd like to ask your help in authenticating this bag. Thanks everyone and have a nice day.

    Item: Gucci Marmont Top Handle Bag- Small
    Seller: Carolyn
    Who took the pictures: Seller
    History of the bag: According to the seller, it was bought from Europe but no more receipt but it was authenticated by "Authenticate Now". To verify the item, please go to-

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  8. Hello, if someone could help me with this item, I would really appreciate it!

    Item Name (if you know it): Gucci Accessory Collection Wallet (don't know the exact model)
    Link (if available): N/A
    Seller: An old couple on a second hand goods auction site.
    Who took the pictures: I did, just now.
    History of the bag: This wallet was purchased on a second hand goods site in 2012. The sellers told me that they purchased the wallet brand new around 17 years ago (so around 1995). I don't have any other information apart from that.
    Comments: The gold serial number is 72.03.115. The little tag is attached to the wallet, so I could not completely capture the writing on it.

    20190201_201903.jpg 20190201_201936.jpg 20190201_201945.jpg 20190201_202125.jpg 20190201_202207.jpg 20190201_202829.jpg 20190201_202955.jpg 20190201_203032.jpg 20190201_203100.jpg 20190201_204637.jpg
  9. Again, not a regular authenticator here, so wait for the experts to confirm- this is fake, certificate or not.
  10. 684BB885-498B-4875-9BAF-F4DC6E953992.jpeg 90B6782E-E99D-4C3A-A6B2-BD6D00B4494F.jpeg EB59284B-8125-4730-BEE7-C3239BE7F034.jpeg 31B21F45-C629-4252-8967-BA584647643B.jpeg 7409D45E-CA18-490E-8211-E6F230ABBCCC.jpeg 3E1E0797-D40B-4A05-8383-755928B2B427.jpeg 199B1C0D-CC74-4623-9774-497256106D2A.jpeg CEE257B2-4116-44D6-BDEA-C5480DFE86F1.jpeg B9685497-17BE-45A2-933B-087092A4ED32.jpeg A01DB535-E734-4055-8996-5AE71D8C8D81.jpeg Item Name: unknown
    Link: unknown
    Seller: thrift store
    Who took the pictures: me
    History of the bag: unknown
    Comments: after I bought this my father gave me history on the town that I bought it in and he said that it’s a very wealthy town and Gucci was very common, I didn’t think it was authentic because I could see no serial number but I want to be sure, Thank you !!
  11. Dear Gucci authenticators, could please someone help me to verify whether this bag is authentic or not?
    Item Name : GG Marmont matelassé mini bag black
    Link: n/a
    Serial number: 446744170701
    Seller: an online store
    Who took the pictures: me
    History of the bag: I bought it from an online store with the guarantee of the seller that this is an authentic bag.
    Comments: I really do hope someone could help me to check on it.
    Thank you all so so much!

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  13. Hi.
    Please help me with Authenticating my purse. I would like to please know the original value and the description.
    I am very excited to find these details out.
    And in advance... Thankyou!
    Serial Number: 033.2031.0808.13

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