Authenticate This GUCCI

  1. Hey,

    Can you please help me authenticate this Gucci Interlocking bag. I've already bought it on ebay, it seems authentic to me... I would like to have your opinion

    Thanks !!
    2.jpg 3.jpg 5.jpg 6.jpg 7.jpg 1.jpg 4.jpg
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  3. Item Name (if you know it): GUcci shoulder bag?
    Link (if available):
    Who took the pictures: The seller of the item
    History of the bag: unsure the seller said it was a 90's production
    Comments: please authenticate it for me. I purchased it on grailed and was hoping to get a second opinion as I have my doubts after reviewing the pictures much closer. The serial number just does not look right to me and want to get it right before filing a dispute with PayPal. IMG_5935.PNG IMG_5936.PNG IMG_5937.PNG IMG_5938.PNG IMG_5942.PNG
  4. Can somebody plz let me know if this off white leather purse is really a gucci. Its missing the front logo, the leather feels nice good qaulity, theres no tag with serial numbers, it does have gold emblem hanging inside, i found this in goodwill for 34.00, thought id take a chance, also does anyone know if i can get the logo replaced in front if it is a real gucci? Plz help, thanks so much
    15472786980522876186704451076164.jpg 15472789032053018415223919103536.jpg 15472789343124688813140869000895.jpg 15472789886858845159103165242987.jpg 15472790817273840366732741371896.jpg 15472791024434013585461085530608.jpg 15472791479077051389511805629422.jpg 15472791701974384093206421020600.jpg
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  7. Hello!

    Mini Gucci Marmont.

    Could someone please help me.
    Seller claims it was bought bulk in Japan-- however this is second hand carousel.

    It looks real... But then again ... Never know.

    Thank you.
    Screenshot_2019-01-13-12-00-23-674_com.thecarousell.Carousell.png Screenshot_2019-01-13-12-00-51-213_com.thecarousell.Carousell.png Screenshot_2019-01-13-12-00-38-347_com.thecarousell.Carousell.png Screenshot_2019-01-13-12-00-12-815_com.thecarousell.Carousell.png
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  9. Looks fine
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    Can somebody let me know if this Gucci Soho Disco looks authentic? I already own it in black and purchased it pre-loved from a reputable consignment store. I love it and have been trying to find it in Rose Beige. I came across this listing on Ebay and the seller is selling it for much a lower price than the current retail price!? I'm not 100% sure if it's too good to be true, what do you guys think? Everything in the photos looks identical to the black Soho Disco that I own.

    Has anybody purchased pre-loved from Ebay before? Is it true Ebay will reimburse your money if you received something different than what was listed/expected? Even though the listing price is a great deal it's still a lot of money to risk with. I messaged the seller to ask for proof of purchase because I noticed the price tag isn't by Gucci. Any help and input is greatly appreciated! :smile:
    s-l1600-3.jpg s-l1600-2.jpg s-l1600.jpg
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    Judging from the photos, it looks like a replica. I own a authentic Soho Disco in black and the leather piece is just a square and not oval with a string attached like that. The tassles and the logo seems really well done but something about the tassles looks off. Also I notice the logo is off-centered. You see there's a lot of space above the GG and minimal under the GG logo? The corners of the purse are too rounded. The canvas lining is also not like mine, it's a bit more grey and the weaving seems off. It should be a beige/cream color and the weaving does not have a sheen. The interior GUCCI tag sewn on the pocket is a replica giveaway. The "R" trademark and letters are very sloppy and the stitching is very sparse.
  12. Thank you! You are right about the leather piece and tassels. Didn’t even catch that. Thanks so much!!!
  13. Please wait for a tpf authenticator to comment on this bag.