Authenticate This GUCCI

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  1. Fake
  2. Good day
    Would like your opinion for this bag. Thank you
    Item Name (if you know it): bucket bamboo bag
    Link (if available):
    Seller: bought second hand
    Who took the pictures: me
    History of the bag: seller said it came from Japan
    20190107_102109.jpg Thank you
    20190107_102118.jpg 20190107_102210.jpg 20190107_102254.jpg 20190107_102433.jpg 20190107_102312.jpg 20190107_102243.jpg
  3. I fell in love with this bag! I think it’s from the early 70’s.

    Item: don’t know
    Listing number: no
    Seller: Hugo on united wardrobe
    Link: i have no idea how to put the link here since it’s from a dutch app called united wardrobe
    Who took the photos: seller
    B1082A11-6A71-4752-A1F2-6A1EEB902BCF.jpeg 07868838-245A-416B-83CF-B4F80943E600.jpeg B35B02A2-5E05-4F48-9EEF-29DBAA329A9E.jpeg 76914A46-AA34-4114-A6EC-9868D7B14191.jpeg 70AD6083-7304-4A41-9E94-0B587C2BB443.jpeg
  4. Item Name: GUCCI SMALL DIONYSUS BLACK GG VELVET SHOULDER BAG Marmont Sylvie Ophidia Supreme
    Seller: glamshock
    Who took the pictures: Me
    History of the bag: Brand new

    Dear Authenticator,
    Can you please authenticate this Gucci Dionysus? I truly appreciate your help.

    Thank you sooo much in advance!
    7DC2F268-6D82-4D93-B1C6-5DE9BC89C621.jpeg C09DA5E1-3479-4329-A904-84F1194C3BE5.jpeg 14196CEC-687C-49EC-8C58-16A4F207C86E.jpeg 88BDB907-BD76-40D7-A8FE-2D61B044BDA7.jpeg 2166A3D8-B847-4183-8FF4-468CEC16E926.jpeg 8D4861BE-26DF-4027-851A-1F9911310F9D.jpeg FB06A478-3447-4FAC-9D5C-BAE598147ECE.jpeg 25F35AF0-B16C-4053-8727-472499C5206C.jpeg 3C874855-E3E9-4F63-BF4E-A14B6533B06B.jpeg 4944B922-B66B-46C7-B86C-75AAB24B4021.jpeg
  5. Additional pictures:
    Seller: glamshock

    Many thanks :smile:
    72876744-B560-4C6B-8241-FBF0158E0D9E.jpeg A6007509-115F-4D96-8100-7E1A4BBADA3F.jpeg 0205D595-1329-4534-91CB-19984923479E.jpeg A0ACD3D6-31DF-4B87-A0A6-DB08C777D1CD.jpeg F82C6EBC-B60A-4778-9BBE-33A3210C6F4C.jpeg E6B14F43-2C1B-4242-BE33-6B9CDCD8C3A6.jpeg 6CA84A19-14A5-4343-8A0D-D4F82554D6CA.jpeg 1E50D83D-34D7-47FB-AFE8-7127FF73A67F.jpeg 59B9A22E-F1FC-47E6-8C5C-6BD7EF21E8EE.jpeg 1A98F8F5-C55B-4F93-88B7-EA1273413273.jpeg
  6. Hi guys, would you please help me authenticate this as before I make the purchase please, thank you x

    Item Name (if you know it): Gucci soho
    Link (if available):
    Who took the pictures: seller
    History of the bag: 7 months old, unwanted gift from husband
    Comments: comes with authenticity card but no dust bag. Serial number; 308364 (UK purchased)
    3D798607-AF4F-4CC6-86AE-030996F976F0.jpeg 52958936-4D4C-42C5-8F20-3AE3634108F7.jpeg A7F65B89-AFD0-4929-9DD3-15DBF085A58C.jpeg EB6DAD9A-8078-41F8-95FE-73FD180F7346.jpeg 0857005D-37E0-4A83-9B45-A1A7A1161900.jpeg F22B82F9-B0B3-43ED-B528-2D7775D4437D.jpeg 517AA91E-8BAC-4EB8-BBEC-F056D645718C.jpeg 27DD229C-8A0E-4BEB-98F9-33C3BD833BFB.jpeg 79994567-3131-497F-8DEB-6AAE44F9B43A.jpeg BC0FA6B1-9D34-4757-9575-BAC19D964CCF.jpeg
  7. Hi, please help me to authenticate this bag
    Item: GUCCI GG Supreme small tote
    Who took the picture: Me
    Seller: -
    Link: -
    Thank you^^
    F313499E-628D-4648-B39C-B947001343C8.jpeg A5419C25-0190-46DF-A103-FDEF75D6724A.jpeg 4C6395AE-08E9-44F8-BE87-F03C0DF064E1.jpeg 7DB5864B-C889-4E5A-8EC9-5344CDF34F3A.jpeg 1A77CC32-002C-4113-BF51-48EB5AC00E21.jpeg 42615990-8A63-4D0A-9A61-3A02FB5585CE.jpeg DBF20EAC-FF70-484A-8C7E-0DEDCA6198B3.jpeg 05FA4509-C292-412D-BB51-FF98C0C995F5.jpeg BB8E4E21-2E6E-4155-AF13-070CDFB3B3A9.jpeg 6D69E988-54E6-414E-BF9E-BDC39B219227.jpeg
  8. Looks good.
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  9. Hey,

    Can you please help authenticate these Gucci boots. I don’t have any experience with Gucci shoes and they seems authentic to me.

    Thank you!
    Item name: Gucci maud boots
    75D757CF-20F9-4BA0-A4BF-7A515C0D3363.jpeg 1E350700-6D67-43B1-8B0E-0A11DFD6BFDD.jpeg 0AF2B9F9-9CE5-47E0-AD1B-24CC0E810BC3.jpeg 96ADAD3F-3F02-4CA8-B74F-2225C7099A96.jpeg 04F086D6-3FA8-4113-8F95-3FEF13C53F43.jpeg AC91DC0E-78E0-41C9-8B29-A2562533AA85.jpeg 782868BA-C045-4D21-A95B-61700CDADCFD.jpeg 98DE0065-8E94-42E6-9091-538DD3813F7B.jpeg 7D988D06-A731-4039-B813-71C7EDB06150.jpeg
  10. Thank you so so much! ❤️
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    Dear, can you please help to authenticate this Gucci Marmont Bag?

    Link (if available): -
    Seller: Diana
    Who took the pictures: seller
    Comments: It seem authentic to me, but the question is seller claim that the bag is small size, but the receipt shows the bag is mini size. the bag measurement is 26cm as told by seller. Thank you.
    a38d0fc5-62e4-4149-a30a-bf8c87c6ed6f.jpg a3f441ba-fb15-43ce-8c0c-4776e0cb740b.jpg c63484fc-e2dd-499b-b069-81e337a603cd.jpg ca67890d-9a6c-41a2-9e5b-5fc41efabdfd.jpg db987157-bb53-4cdf-b00f-77dc4f633f41.jpg f4fc86c8-27d9-4955-956f-330a7d1e6c75.jpg d49c51b6-1ef0-4991-8ccd-1ce5bc3536cd.jpg 9332be2a-97ea-43b3-9e66-96c0c1a99194.jpg 04a8d5ce-7c58-42f5-8692-12abca6fdb03.jpg
  12. It's definitely the mini size in the pictures. I wonder if there is a way to maybe call the store in Paris and see if they can confirm the sale? Just a thought.
  13. what about authenticity of the bag? and the serial number of the bag itself does not match with the serial number from the receipt. I wish someone can answer me.
  14. Hey, I would like to start a new thread since the authenticity thread seems kind of dead. And would like to dedicate this thread specifically for belts. Feedback from those who bought from the original store would be of most help & anyone with any knowledge! :smile:



    This is the belt I am planning on buying (take into account lighting, filter and original packaging (not brand new) may vary):

    Screen Shot 2019-01-10 at 2.18.38 AM.png Screen Shot 2019-01-10 at 2.18.52 AM.png Screen Shot 2019-01-10 at 2.19.21 AM.png