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  1. Hi! Could anyone please help me out and let me know if these 2 handbags are authentic? Thank you!

    Serial # 137396 467891 font is "made in Italy"

    Serial # 120837 001998

    The both seem authentic to me, but any help would be appreciated. Thank you!!!
  2. You should put this in the Gucci subforum under "Authenticate this" and the Gucci experts can you help you with any future authenticity questions.

    But, these are fake. Sorry!
  3. Thanks for the info ashakes! BTW, how can u tell they're fake?
  4. Again, ask the other girls for specifics. I just know some of these things from reading and just years of buying the real things in the store...

    supposed authenticity cards that are black w/ the gold writing

    plastic around handles

    Bags that retail for $$$ going for $100 new

    Anything from China, etc

    Sellers that are listing multiple items constantly and sellers that sell the same model all the time

    Sellers stating they got the bag directly from the warehouse so that is why they are able to sell to you at such a low, low price

    ---->ALL FAKE!

    That's just the beginning of the list. The people that help authenticate items on here are very good that they can tell by looking at even minor details.

    But, in the future, you can post any questions you have on eBay items or things from your personal collection that you fear is fake in the "Authenticate this Gucci" subforum. You go to Gucci and it is listed there. :smile:
  5. Please post all authenticity questions in the AUTH THIS thread above.we would b happy to help u!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.