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  1. Hi, I feel like this is fake but just want to make sure, Thanks a lot!!:smile:

    Item: Gucci Canvas Black Small Hobo with Red Stripes
    Listing number:110909781236
    Seller: savypink22
    The seller claimed that she purchased it from an online source (not directly from Gucci). I have a bad feeling about the front of the tag, the mark and words are very light compare to my real Gucci. Thank you so much for your help!
  2. Hello may I have this Gucci diamanté sukey authenticated I have just placed a bid on it and in ends in a few hours. Thanks
    Item-AUTH Gucci medium diamonte sukey bag*RECEIPT INCLUDED*LIKE NEW
    Listing number-180919543145
    Link -
    Thanks in advance Alice

  3. Thank you so much for your time and attention to this. I appreciate the help since I am in charge of the handbags donated to our hospice thrift shop. I'm trying to learn as much as I can about designer bags being real vs fake. But there is so much to each brand! Thanks again.
  4. Bummed, but thanks much anyway.
  5. Hello Authenticators! Please take a Look :smile:

    Vintage Gucci changepurse

    Bought from a reputable auction In SoCal

    3pcs were together 1 black denim, 1 black leather, 1 dark navy blue

    Fashionphile made an offer to buy, $10 bucks each!!! wt*????

    Decades also was interested, Gucci store was going to take it to refurbish & then the sales girl took some lotion & cloth & what I thought was the inside of the outer leather "coming out" it was really just white paper stuck to it LOLOL



    I have some more photos, but I think that may cover it thanx!!
  6. HI Ladies :smile:
    Please authenticate this bag
    I wold buy this from a private
    My opinion is that it is fake .... What do you think?:confused1:
    528917_3321688167794_793862830_n.jpg 168889_3321692447901_1650047206_n.jpg 311663_3321692887912_1078365863_n.jpg 396624_3321689287822_1557168951_n.jpg 382437_3321689647831_651171770_n.jpg 425063_3327914483448_622170856_n.jpg 482136_3321688727808_815294890_n.jpg 487649_3321690567854_1043484310_n.jpg 561301_3321690967864_536958355_n.jpg 529660_3327915403471_1059962793_n.jpg
  7. other pics
    529660_3327915403471_1059962793_n.jpg 532086_3327914883458_1056307676_n.jpg 548263_3327915803481_469469364_n.jpg
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