Authenticate This GUCCI - Read the Rules & Use the Format in Posts #1 & 2.

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  2. Hey nay.nay. I am not able to make out the details on the serial number, it is too dark. I am not sure if you have time, but if you can request clearer pics, I would take a second look. I know we are running out of time on this auction, but I am by my computer now, so I should be able to respond right away.
  3. Ok thanks for your help, I know there will be others...also my computer messed up the last 15 sec so I couldn't even bid...maybe a sign haha but thanks!
  4. Yeah, to be honest, there was something that concerned me but it was a really bad pic. Hopefully I can help you with the next one! ;)
  5. Thank you so much for the quick response. I know my friend is anxious to know the answer as the auction is ending in a few hours :smile:
  6. no red flags, but need a clearer bigger pic. thanks!
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    Hi there

    Please excuse the mess of this message.I asked for help with this bag.You very kindly sent me the message below.The last thread is now closed and I dont know how to reply to the message so have just copied it onto here, it shows as below.

    The seller has added the clearer pictures to the listing as requested.

    The link below does not seem to be working so have added a new link here

    Thank you for all your help.

    Many (most) have accurate serial numbers since they are not unique to each individual bag, like chanel does. They are there to show the model/supplier. I would need to see a very clear, straight close-up of the front and back (serial number) of the leather gucci tag so I can make out the necessary details. I would recommend asking the seller to use the macro (flower) icon, under natural light and without a flash to get clear, detailed pics! Thanks!


    Originally Posted by carters
    Hi there

    I have never owned a Gucci before and have seen this one on an auction web site.Could somebody give me there opinion on whether its authentic.

    Item Name:Gucci Handbag

    I have asked for the serial numbers and they are


    Thank you soooo much in advance
  8. Item Name:black GG imprimé
    Who took the pictures:seller
    History of the bag: brought from a Japan second hand bag shop,near Ginza
    Comments: the seller said he has been work for gucci for years. n who has ever brought them said his products is in good quality..
  9. please refer to POST #2.
  10. authentic.

  11. Hi Thank you for the fast response.
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