authenticate this Gucci bracelet please + any thoughts...

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Feb 6, 2009
south west england
this is the bracelet (not the exact one i have but this is it), on the inside it says ''GUCCI 925'' i bought it from Ebay when i was 12 or 13 for £40 it was verry impressive when it arrived, brand new shiny and with the packaging below. but now i'm older i have stopped wearing it because it'm pretty sure it's fake. the only reason i'm not 100% sure is because i went into the jewellery department in selfrages and the gucci jewellery department in harrods as well as gucci a few times with it on show and no one said a thing! i even tryed on gucci rings with it on in harrods!

and the pacaging

sorry for my spelling xx

the photos are not mine i just needed them to show what it looks like
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