Authenticate This Gryson

  1. Tuna, Once I saw who the seller of this bag was, I didn't even study the bag for authenticity! Lexie2000 is a respected member of the Purse Forum, who knows an awful lot about GRYSON. She is also one who frequently points out fake bags on eBay. If you want this bag, bid with confidence!! Good Luck!
  2. Really? I had a feeling she has an account here! Yay, thanks. I've had run-ins with fake bag sellers both online and in the real world so I've learned my lessons.
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  4. Let me start by saying I don't know anything about the bag in question.

    However based on a few things, it's probably authentic.

    The seller has lots of postive feedback
    The neg feedback the seller has is not from selling anything counterfeit
    The rest of the bags look authentic
    The description and pictures are good.
    They take paypal (so you could dispute if necessary).

    Now I'm not saying to go out and buy it.

    You may want to do some more research. Ask for more pictures - find out if the bag in the pictures is the actual bag you receive. See if they have a receipt. Check the Gryson website to see if her pictures and dimensions match up. Stuff like that.

    Good luck :smile:
  5. Anyone? :sad:
  6. Hi All-- I'm looking for a Gryson Olivia and would love opinions on eBay #350000399018 and 180185666332. Both sellers have good feed back and both say they purchased them from upscale department stores but after checking out the replicas over on iOffer. . . I could really use some knowledgeable opinions TIA
  7. I'm not even sure if there are fake Grysons already?

  8. i hardly post but i have been lurking for a while..i never really got into handbags until now..i don't know ANYTHING about handbags..but i really like's called sophie?

    real?? and anyone know what a good price for these would be? thanks in advance!!

  9. Jasper.jpg




    Please, and thanks :tup:
  10. It's 100% authentic. I had the Rust Jasper and it's gorgeous. These bags were on sale (but for more than this auction is asking) several months ago at the Gryson site. It's a nice, big luscious Bag. Plus, I have dealt with the seller and definitely reputable and also a fellow TPFer. You should have absolutely no problems.
  11. Thanks for your input!!
  12. Can anyone help me out with some thoughts regarding the authenticity of this Gryson Olivia? Are the photos taken from too far away to tell? Any help or opinions would be much appreciated.:heart: