Authenticate This GOYARD

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  1. DBB13F1B-8C0B-40DA-AAE9-F1D99C930098.jpeg EABF26C6-0CD0-4BBA-8DCB-462D44645945.jpeg 4EDE868F-3766-4E9F-B8AD-DFB4F23DF314.jpeg 4A54D737-402C-442B-84A1-B017479AD4C2.jpeg ECF33051-2864-4C1F-9AEB-7801B7CA33F8.jpeg CE369B09-1C10-487F-8FDB-38304F7E6EAC.jpeg Long time lurker, first time poster...

    Have had this St. Pierre Billfold Wallet/Card Holder for, forever seemingly.

    I’m sure it’s a hundred percent authentic. As I bought it off someone who was a collector themselves but would love a second opinion just for reassurance purposes.

    Thanks again guys and hope to hear some good news from you guys soon.
  2. Hello, may I please get help authenticating this thrifting find? Can it be a Goyardine Miroir Toiletry Pouch?
    Many thanks in advance!
    IMG_7141.jpg side-.jpg bottom-IMG_7145.jpg top-IMG_7142.jpg zipper-IMG_7143.jpg label-IMG_7146.jpg label-IMG_7148.jpg

    Item number : 283616805398

    Seller ID : millinguay

    Link :|parentrq:3fb826fe16d0aa42eff0094affb345e3|iid:1&redirect=mobile



    (The rest of the photos are in the listing)
    Hello there - I need to get this belt authenticated. The Goyard canvas does show consistent overlapping, which I’ve only seen on authentics, but then the box seems a little off and the Goyard heat stamp seems to be in the wrong font. Thank you!

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  4. Item: Sac Cap Vert Noir
    This is from a private seller 1CCA717A-C03F-4068-AD84-D655C2278993.jpeg FEED2540-F8F7-45F4-B111-5063FB956E90.jpeg 403ADC87-C26C-4817-8C2D-792A69E3C676.jpeg 34BF858E-537D-47D3-B741-4F25AC262547.jpeg A870B3A2-078F-41F7-91F5-F40821474F69.jpeg 512C8257-1711-48AC-A08D-048E9A91C032.jpeg 576F6246-A64C-4E7B-9D9F-58D58AB3D8AC.jpeg A6019DEE-4023-4A2B-A2C7-5D448503BDE4.jpeg C8CA6469-D3B5-4E32-94DC-440D5FA6A39C.jpeg B38DB0B8-95D2-4567-934C-67ACD5735EDA.jpeg
    Thank you in advance for the authentication.
  5. This is a bit late but that bag is definitely a fake. I live part of the year in Barcelona and I'm there now and I have seen that exact bag displayed in two different, inexpensive shoe store windows in this city. Beside the fact that Goyard doesn't have a black bag with dark brown trim, I am absolutely sure they don't allow random stores to sell their items. I hope you got your money back.
  6. Hi. Bought this online. Seller swears it is authentic but it's not very symmetrical.. Having second thoughts. Help please 20191010_215225.jpg 20191010_215337.jpg 20191010_215321.jpg 20191010_220812.jpg 20191010_220819.jpg 20191010_220828.jpg 20191010_220848.jpg 20191010_221033.jpg 20191010_220900.jpg 20191010_221025.jpg 20191010_221126.jpg

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  7. post deleted, duplicated post
  8. Hi,
    could you please authenticate this bag for me, I intend to buy and the seller provided the below photos only.
    thanks in advance.

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  9. Hi! Can anyone explain me how to read Goyard's serial number? Thank you!