Authenticate This GOYARD

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  1. Ok, I will pass on it then. Thank you very much for your fast response☺️
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  2. Can anyone please help authenticate this goyard senat? The price is very tempting thus I need confirmation :smile: thanks a lot!

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  3. Please see the first post in this thread for information required for authentication. Thanks!
  4. hi just now seeing your respond. Here’s the date code photo. Pls advise. Thank you.

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    This auction ended on October 10th, with the item being sold.
    You posted on November 1st that you received more photos from the seller.
    Something doesn’t add up here.
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    Not exactly what you are suspicious of. Please review the history of my postings.

    I first posted on 10/10 and did not receive a response.
    Then I posted again on 10/26 asking for your opinion. Did not receive an answer from you.
    Finally, I got a response from the friendly @flyingkid on 10/28. Am now following up with photos she/he requested.

    How does that not add up....?
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    This bag was sold and the listing is no longer active as of October 10th.
  8. Perhaps because I am the buyer of the bag and needed confirmation of authenticity. Hence, I posted a question on 10/10....
  9. I also must add that I am currently traveling and do not have the bag in my possession. I’m relying on photos from seller for authentication purposes.
  10. Based on the photos provided, it is difficult to authenticate this bag. The seller did not provide close up shots of the Goyard logo and many of the shots of the canvas have so much reflection that it is difficult to determine the Goyardine color.

    The best time to have a bag authenticated is prior to purchase. Most authenticators on the Purse Forum (Chanel, Hermès, etc.) will only authenticate open auctions. Once a buyer has won an auction as the highest bidder or used the “Buy it Now” feature, the sale is legally binding and most volunteer authenticators will not get involved.

    Sorry I cannot be of more help but better pictures are needed.
  11. Hello — responding to your PM. As I mentioned before, I cannot give a definitive answer on authenticity based upon the photos provided. The stitching count is not consistent with bags manufactured in the past 2-3 years. Also, the seller's photos do not show sufficient details of the logo or the Goyardine color which are required to authenticate the bag. Unless the seller is willing to provide the required photos as listed in the very first post of this thread, this bag cannot be authenticated. Thank you for your understanding.