Authenticate This GOYARD

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  1. Hello everyone! Kindly help me authenticate these bag? Bought it at Poshmark. Thank you

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  2. Hi! I would appreciate your help authenticating this bag. I purchased it and not sure if it is authentic. I thought I was buying it from a reputable seller. Thanks!!
    Item Name: Authentic Goyard Fidji Bag Black 805000916388000
    Item Number: 113222246405
    Seller ID: ginzo-net9426
    IMG_0381.jpg IMG_0389.jpg IMG_0391.jpg IMG_0392.jpg IMG_0382.jpg IMG_0383.jpg IMG_0394.jpg IMG_0386.jpg IMG_0387.jpg
  3. Please authenticate this Goyard Belvedere MM. Thank you. Screenshot_20181009-001923_Instagram.jpg Screenshot_20181009-001931_Instagram.jpg Screenshot_20181009-001935_Instagram.jpg Screenshot_20181009-001941_Instagram.jpg Screenshot_20181009-001949_Instagram.jpg Screenshot_20181009-002011_Instagram.jpg Screenshot_20181009-002023_Instagram.jpg
  4. Hello lovely authenticators! Please have a look at it real? Or too good to be true?

    Item Name: Authentic Goyard St. Louis PM Tote, Shoulder bag, Wallet Made In France
    Item Number:
    Seller ID: pentus21
    Link: (please make sure link works after you post)
  5. Hi authenticators! I would appreciate your opinion on this St. Louis GM i got off Poshmark. Their authentication services passed the bag but I’ve been reading some scary details on how they can’t be trusted so I just want to make sure. This is my first Goyard.Thanks in advance!

    Item Name: Goyard St. Louis GM tote

    IMG_4070.jpg IMG_4072.jpg IMG_4072.jpg IMG_4073.jpg IMG_4074.jpg IMG_4076.jpg IMG_4078.jpg IMG_4080.jpg
  6. Looks good
  7. Thank you!
  8. Hello Everyone,
    Can you help me authenticate this Goyard Bag. I am sorry that I do not know it's model.

    Thank you in advance.

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  9. This is a Voltaire from the older generation. I need to see more pics of the bag ie hot stamped tag inside the bag etc but there is something not quite right about this bag. Is it in your possession now?
  10. Thank you so much for your reply. Yes it is with me now. Here are the other photos. Again, thank you

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  11. Hello can someone help me legit check this goyard?
    Item Name: Goyard St. Louis.
    Thank you!

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  12. Hello Where did you get it from? The tag inside the bag looks off also other clues were the leather handles and the dust bag... Perhaps someone else can comment on it too?
  13. It looks okay
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