Authenticate This GOYARD

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  1. Hiya lovelies, just bought a second hand Goyard St Louis in GM. Anyone can help me out if this is a real? Thank you xx

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  3. More pictures are follow

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  4. Please authenticate this Goyard

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  5. Brown capvert side bag

    Just want to know if this is real, if not is it a good fake? Thanks much appreciated.
  6. Help please. I just bought this for a steal. But might be too good to be true? This didn't come with the strap and the base shaper. 20180821_131332.jpg 20180821_131336.jpg 20180821_131356.jpg 20180821_131405.jpg 20180821_131457.jpg 20180821_131523.jpg 20180821_131538.jpg 20180821_131550.jpg 20180821_131649.jpg 20180821_131530.jpg
  7. Item Name (if you know it): Unsure

    Link (if available):

    Photos: (attach using the paperclip at the top of the message box or upload to and post the links)

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  8. Hello authenticators,

    I usually hang out in the Hermes forum but I wonder if you could take a look and let me know if authentic please? Apologies, I can’t get the entire link to copy in but here’s the listing:

    Goyard St Jeanne GM, seller Poonnada105

    eBay uk Id: 153161898170

  9. Could someone please authenticate this Goyard cap vert? I’m sorry if the format isn’t right but it’s not from an international site, its only available in my country(holland)

    Item: Goyard cap vert
    Link for pictures: