Authenticate This Furla

  1. To my knowledge, Furla hasn't been faked as of yet. I think you're safe w/either bag.
  2. thank you for the quick response!!!!
  3. I see you found the correct Furla authentication thread. Please check back on that thread for a response.
  4. Hi there! I hope I'm in the right place.. :smile:

    I'm not familiar with Furla, so would you please help to authenticate this shopper:

    I was also wondering would you know that which year's design is this Carola shopper, I guess they don't have it in production any more? The seller says it's brand new, though.. I just visited Furla website to get more information of the brand and noticed that they have some sort of sale going on and the prices of new Furla handbags seem to beeven more than reasonable. ;) So would it also be ok to ask also your opinion on what do you think of the price of this Carola shopper?

    Thanks in advance, help highly appreciated! :smile:
  5. IndyCat- they only recently started producing fake Furlas. I've seen some on eBay from China, but not too many. Furla's name isn't as popular as other labels yet, but I'm sure we'll be seeing more fakes in the years to come (unfortunately!)
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    I am a total handbag newbie and know next to nothing about Furla. Can you help me with a bag I just found at Goodwill?

    It's an apricot/peach color in smooth leather. It appears new with tags. There is a dark blue/black cardboard tag that reads "FURLA" attached to one handle with black string. The bag is rounded with a single strap. The bottom of the bag is not flattened. You cannot set this bag down and have it stand up on its own! It has a front tie closure with leather string and an interior section that is zippered. The zipper is beige (matches lining) with a gold metal tag that reads Furla. There is a FURLA on the back top center of the bag. It appears to be stamped or embossed into the leather. It is genuine leather. There is a dark blue/black tag on the inside of the bag with white lettering that says FURLA made in Italy . On the reverse of that tag it says genuine leather. The interior lining of the bag is beige with FURLA on it all over.

    I don't have pictures but tried to give an accurate description. The bag is beautifully stitched inside and out.

    It looks like the one in this eBay link but the bottom is not flat but rather stitched together and the purse itself is more of a rounded shape. The color is not red but peach. The tie closure and strap is the same though.

    Any thoughts as to it's authenticity or era? I've not been able to find anything like it online...

    Thanks! :smile:
  7. hi all! i was surprised just now reading in this forum that there fake furlas??? can someone authenticate this black croco shoulder bag for me? it has no made in china tags:smile: - thanks so much! bobbie
    1furla.jpg 1furla1.jpg 1furla2.jpg
  8. ps it is marked Geniune Leather under the name tag (third photo above)
  9. [​IMG]
    I am an American living in Basel, Switzerland and received this bag as a donation for a purse auction our club is organizing to benefit a local charity ( I need to give it a value for the auction and don't know if it is real. As noted in previous posts, Furla fakes are common in Europe.
    The dust cover is powder blue flannel. The handbag is 28.5cm wide, 19 cm tall, 11.5cm deep with 34 cm total drop. A removable shoulder strap included. I'm not impressed with the quality of the hardware that attaches the shoulder strap.
    FURLA is stamped in the leather on the front, on the metal hardware attaching the permanent straps, and on the zipper pull for the inner pocket. There is a large F stamped at an angle into the outer zipper pull. There is no serial number.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you
  10. hi everyone - i would love to have some tips on identifying furla replicas - haven't really found a useful guide anywhere online. this has what appears to be satin lining, i would love to know this crinkly leather style name and name of the bag if anyone knows. also the meaning of the number 3 on the second tag. thanks so much, bobbie
    1furla.jpg 1furlatag.jpg 1furlatagleather.jpg 1furlazipper.jpg 1furladetail.jpg
  11. I just purchased a furla off of eBay. I was wondering:

    Are there any standard Furla requirements that must be on an authentic Furla purse?

    By standard requirements I mean thing like: Plate inside, content of inside tags, hardware quality, lining, etc.
    P.S. the one I just purchased has "Furla" all over the lining in a zig-zag pattern).
  12. Maybe taking it to the actual store would help, usually furla leather is very smooth and soft... the leather usally smells like real leather and has a certain sheen... do you have pictures?
  13. Sorry I didn't get back with an answer sooner. I'm planning on taking pictures in the next few days and posting them. I just received the purse on Saturday.

    Also, I have a new question. It looks like the lining of the purse is a bit un-clean...what is the best way to clean cloth purse lining?
  14. hi! i love the Shout brand wipes for stains on linings- they come in individual packets but are hard to find - Walgreens carries them. i also use Tide To Go stain remover (stick) and there's an Oxyclean spray also in the stain remover aisle - small plastic spray bottle, says right on it it can be used for purses. sometimes one of these will work where another won't - :smile: bobbie