Authenticate This Furla

  1. Glad to help! Good luck! :smile:
  2. hi there... I wish there were a real expert around to help y'all!

    Like I said earlier, I am definitely not an expert - I only own 2 Furlas, and I'm not familiar with that particular style of bag at all. I can tell you that the closeup of the zipper and the lining looks right to me. I can also tell you that on both my Furlas, the zipper pulls say "FURLA" on one side, and then "FURLA" plus a bunch of other stuff on the other side. So you could ask the seller for a picture of the OTHER side of the zipper pull if you wanted to be extra careful. Does that make sense?

    (PLEASE, SOMEBODY, we need some real Furla experts in here to come along and give all these nice folks some REAL advice!) :sweatdrop:
  3. Hi kcdee0527, i'm not an expert on Furla also.
    but i see a similar item in eBay

    perhaps you can compare them.. good luck on bidding..
  4. I'm unfortunately not familiar with Furla's newer lines like these, but the second one definitely authentic IMO, while I'd like to see more pictures of the first one
  5. Ah, more info makes this so much easier!! Comparing pictures from the 2 auctions, in the first auction there is a picture of the full inside of the bag (the second picture in the slideshow) -- it doesn't look like it matches the picture of the inside of the bag of the authentic bag shown in the second auction. The picture in the second auction suggests that the bag should be fully lined with the FURLA signature lining, and it doesn't look like the bag in the first auction is. So for the first auction (the one that kcdee0527 was asking about), I'm voting fake. Hope this helps.
  6. wow thanks for being so helpful somanyamys, manish&gw and maryg1! :smile:
  7. i got this as a gift and wondering if it's real or not.
    DSC00452.JPG DSC00453.JPG DSC00454.JPG DSC00455.JPG
  8. can anyone help me on this ebay number: 350064866780
  9. Is it a Furla? looks like a Balenciaga model to me
  10. yep, it's a balenciaga, but i'm new to purseforum , so i guess i should have posted that on the balenciaga thread, oh well...
  11. Hi can please someone help me to authenticate this furla bag. I bought it from craigslist, very cheap but wondering if its authentic ...I would appreciate your comments . Thanks
  12. I bought this in craigslist near our place , im not sure if its authentic pls help me authenticate thanks
    IMG00501.jpg IMG00502.jpg IMG00504.jpg IMG00505#1.jpg IMG00507.jpg
  13. hi guys help me authenticate my furla iM still not getting any replies... please comment thanks