Authenticate This Furla

  1. Please post any questions regaring authenticating Furla here.
  2. Thanks, staying on my watch list!
  3. Thanks for the help on the bag! Yes, it was in bad shape. I won it for a very low price, it turned out to have a broken closure and smelled like smoke. I let the seller know this was unacceptable and hope she notes flaws in her items now.

    Okay, I found another bag I like. Furla Lilium. This one is listed by a drop off site and they are NOT good about checking the authenticity! I KNOW the LV MC pochette sold recently is fake and that sold Gucci cannot be real, no way. What do you think about this one?
  4. Cute. I hope it is authentic. Smartbargains is owned by Loehmann's!
  5. Yes, it's authentic - I have one just like it. It's very cute, and a great size! When mine is unzipped on the sides you can see it has lilac colored leather sides...great little pop of color. I don't know if this one in particular has the same thing, but they should have shown a picture of it if it does! Looks like a great deal...I paid full retail for mine :sad:
  6. I have a general question about this brand: does anyone know if Furla makes authentic croc handbags or are they all stamped leather. I have this running issue with my SIL that a bag she picked up in Italy is not real croc. She won't tell me what she paid for it, which would certainly be a tip off, so I am a little stumped. I have no picture of it either. Furla makes a nice bag especially for the price point, but I never envisioned them making the jump to real croc and the price that goes along with it.
  7. This may not be right place for this question since I don't have a specific bag I'm looking at (although I do love my Furla bags - see my Avatar), but I'm curious whether Furla bags are faked often. At least in the U.S., it seems that there isn't a big enough market for Furla bags to make it worthwhile for the fakers. Just curious.:confused1:
  8. I never heard anything about Furla making croc bags, and I've been a Furla fan for ages :smile:
    Exotics are really not in the price range or the taste of Furla costumers (expensive high street prices/casual or smart casual bags), so unless me and all my friends missed the info about the croc bag, your sister's is stamped leather.
  9. I've seen plenty of fake Furla bags in Europe and on the European versions of ebay :sad:

  10. Thank you for the answer. It was what I expected.:flowers: