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  1. I remember this style from a few years back, the color is very pretty IRL. This one looks good, the lining looks good, and from what I can tell the cell phone pocket is correct - the kind of taper a little at the bottom. This is a decent price for this bag too.
  2. it looks good to me too!
  3. :tup:
  4. I've never seen this style and also never seen that font on Furla bags, but I did a quick research and it seems to be legit
  5. Thanks, I will keep this auction on my watch list then.
  6. There is another vintage Furla on eBay with that font. I also thought it was strange but I know Furla as been around for a very long time.
  7. Furla is extremely popular in Asia so I wonder if it might not be too long before there are fakes out there, but this is a real one!
  8. Wow, I cannot even read the lettering and you two can see the shape of the letters! I imagine this style was made back when Alviero Martini first made those great antique map print bags.

    Thank you!
  9. Does Furla always have Furla stamped somewhere on the front of the handbag? So many fakes!!!
  10. I agree this is authentic as well. i own several Furla bag and from the lining inside the bag, i believe this is authentic
  11. I bought a Furla from eBay. The power seller bought this slightly used bag from an authorized dealer. I questioned the authenticity and was told it was purchased from Macy's Department Store. There isn't a Furla mark on the outside but the lining has Furla's logo and a black Furla fabric label with genuine leather on the reverse. My doubts is that the circle chrome ring doesn't meet there is about 1/8" inch gap and I don't think Furla would let this through. There is also threads coming from where the shoulder handle loops over the ring -- this leads me to suspect that the leather (and now I'm not sure if this is leather) is glued to some kind of fabric -- Furla wouldn't do this. I'm a novice...any advice?
  12. Can you post pics of the bag? I collected Furlas for quite some time, so might be able to help if i see pics, or post the auction link?
  13. Usually but not always - depends on the bag.
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