Authenticate This! Forum problems

  1. Morning/Evening everyone!

    I've recently realised that a ton of people, mostly new, have been posting brands which already have authenticate this threads. I know that Vlad has already put up a sticky announcement, but in my opinion that is going to do nothing for newbies.

    As a sort of newbie (I was one not so long ago), I wanted to get a Chloe authenticated and I had no idea where to go... it was sheer luck that the last posted message in the chloe forum was in the authenticate this thread, and I only found it that way. This forum is huge, and if I were a newbie I'd automatically think the authenticate this forum was the place for all authentication problems.

    I wouldn't care usually, but recently I've found a thread that was locked automatically with no note whatsoever redirecting her:
    I could be wrong about this of course, maybe she already found the coach forum. But if that is not the case, it worries me to find that new members may not find us as friendly as we actually are. You certainly can't blame her for posting it there, the forum is in fact for "general authenticity questions". Just for the record, I know there's a little note saying if there's a brand specific enquiry go down to the subforums, but the forum title does stand out far more than the fine print :p.

    Also, the sticky does not stand out enough as an announcement. To be truthful, I never see announcement until a week later because I just don't realise there's a new announcement. It doesn't stand out.

    Anyway, enough of this, my suggestion is if it was possible to organise all the authenticate this threads under the forum? (If this were possible that is). It would make it a million times easier for the newbies, and personally I think it would make sense to have them under an 'authentication' umbrella, if that makes sense. I know this is going to get a lot of mixed reviews but that is just my two cents. I redirect people to right forums if I can, and I try to do it really nicely (some of the mods have been very straightforward, and I know they are not trying to be rude in any way but, unfortunately sometimes it comes across like that) and i've realised I never want to become a mod because there's just too much on your hands :p.

    Maybe other arrangements could be made about this, perhaps forum threads that redirect to their existing brand thread as well if that makes sense? Either way, I think our arrangement right now is making it very difficult for the newcomers.
  2. Just my 2 cents, but I don't think it would be a good idea to move all the Authenticate This! threads in there.
    We have evolved A LOT over the last year and the Forums you see now are from 2 years of trial and errors and huge learning experiences about what works best.

    I'm the Mod you're referring to, sorry if you think I am rude, just a stay at home Mome of 3 young ones volunteering here so I don't just have hours of time to hand hold:shrugs:
    Really, all people have to do is read a little before just jumping in w/ their eyes shut:yes:
    It takes a lot of extra time to read their thread, go find the link, copy it and come back to their thread to paste it. None of us live on here, we just don't have that kind of time on a Forum this massive.

    Last night when I was laying in bed I was thinking about that Forum and decided to make a change in there, then I saw this thread this morning whan I logged in.
    Have a look in there, I think I came up w/ a good idea :biggrin:
  3. Swanky, that is perfect... it was actually what I was referring to in the last bit, but it probably didn't make enough sense.

    And I know you have a million things on, I'm not a mod but I redirected a few and it's very tiring to redirect them all! I just don't want newer members to think we're being rude to them intentionally.

    This is really good!
  4. Thanks for the input kuruma! I think it should really help what Swanky did, and I will ask Vlad if he has any other suggestions :yes:

    I want this to be as user friendly as possibly, sometimes it just gets tricky!
  5. Maybe a whole Authentication subforum could help.. even if the threads weren't moved there, just having shortcuts to the brand authentication threads would help. Although those threads are stickied within each brand subforum they aren't always at the top of the list on the main page, and I certainly remember being confused when I first joined.. with all the sub forums and then sub sections within each I often forget which 'floor' I was on, and often became lost! :blink:

    An Authentication subforum with permanent links (or just links on the main page in a section?) would help as I'd image a few members join simply to first off ask for an authentication prior to joining in on brand discussions. :smile:
  6. ^we have that:yes:, that's actually what we're discussing!
  7. Ahhhhhhhhhh... yes, I see it.... :push:

    Okay, as you were.. carry on..! :blush:
  8. :lol: