Authenticate This Foley + Corinna

  1. Hi! I purchased this AC mini off of eBay. It is a really cute bag, but just not for me. Anyway, I want to re-list it, but obviously want to make sure it is authentic before doing so. If anyone can help, it would be appreciated. Thanks! (Sorry the label is a bit blurry.)
    AC mini 2.jpg AC mini 3.jpg AC mini.jpg AC mini 4.jpg
  2. Did this come from Luna Boston? I can't really make out the tag, but they're a legitimate Foley + Corinna retailer, so it's probably authentic.
  3. Hi, yes the tag is from Luna, which I know sells authentic. However, I still wanted to confirm the bag as you never know if the tag was just added to it. I am pretty sure it is fine, but just wanted to verify. Actually, not even sure if ACs are faked yet.. TIA!
  4. Oops, double post.
  5. Yes, the AC has been replicated already (check to see what bags have and have not been mirrored)
  6. Hard to say... the picture is not very good...
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  8. Is this Authentic?

    COurse with a few minutes left...

  9. Guys, no buying and selling on this forum please:nogood:
  10. No one? nothing? :crybaby::crybaby:
  11. The first auction ended, the second one I would avoid due to the stock pic and seller fb, the last one looks good! I have a City Tote and I love it. Do a search here and you'll read various opinions, some love it and some don't. Seems like the black is the best leather quality...Anyway, Anna Corinna City Totes are now Foley & Corinna. I believe the latter has improved hardware. fwiw, I do love my bag but I don't think the price is justified and they don't come with dust bags.
  12. Thanks tonij2000!
  13. AC mini 1.JPG AC mini 2.JPG AC mini 3.JPG AC mini 4.JPG AC mini 5.JPG