Authenticate this FERRAGAMO

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  1. Hi, could you help me to authenticate two vintage handbag? Thank you!
    Item:Salvatore Ferragamo Vintage Black Leather Handbag
    Item number:182314784116

    Item:Salvatore Ferragamo Gancini Ganchini navy Vintage hand bag
    Item number:152254476766
  2. Hi,
    I am fairly certain this is a fake but I would like a more qualified opinion than mine.
    Thanks in advance

    P.s. sorry for the screenshots this is listed for sale on Facebook I have not seen it in person.
    Screenshot_2016-10-30-22-08-36.png Screenshot_2016-10-30-22-08-33.png Screenshot_2016-10-30-22-08-30.png Screenshot_2016-10-30-22-08-24.png Screenshot_2016-10-30-22-08-20.png Screenshot_2016-10-30-22-08-17.png Screenshot_2016-10-30-22-08-10.png
  3. Hi! I just picked this belt up while thrifting, unsure if authentic. Any help appreciated! Please let me know if additional photos/info needed. Thanks in advance :smile:

    IMG_1478302282.619467.jpg IMG_1478302293.544780.jpg IMG_1478302304.889676.jpg IMG_1478302315.344506.jpg IMG_1478302328.110281.jpg View attachment 3512291
  4. Hello
    Can anyone help authenticate this Ferragamo bag.


    Item Name: Ferragamo
    Listing number: none
    Seller name or ID: consignment store
    Working Link:
    Comments: Purchased at a local consignment store

    sal.jpg sal1.jpg


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  6. Dear all,
    Please help authenticate this bag, Thanks in advance..

    Item Name: Salvatore Ferragamo Cross body Bag (Serial No: BA214286)
    Listing number:-
    Seller name or ID: -
    Working Link: -
    Comments: Bag is combination with leather & suede
    IMG_20161217_103657.jpg IMG_20161217_103714.jpg IMG_20161217_103725.jpg IMG_20161217_103733.jpg IMG_20161217_103739.jpg IMG_20161217_103808.jpg IMG_20161217_103821.jpg IMG_20161217_105854.jpg IMG_20161217_105759.jpg IMG_20161217_105911.jpg
  7. Hello
    Please help me check these flats, i just won them on eBay but i think tthey are fake.
    Item name: salvatore ferragamo vara shoes
    Listing number: 291973912628
    Seller name: tpurkis

    The sole make me doubt at the authenticity.
    Thank you in advance.
  8. Could anyone please help me check these two bag? Thank you very much!

    Item Name:
    Salvatore Ferragamo Black Gancini Leather Kellly Shoulder Bag Handbag w/ Strap

    Listing number: 142171692790
    Seller name or ID: hellovintage
    Working Link:

    Item name:
    Auth Salvatore Ferragamo Leather Gancini Hand Bag 2way Leather Black #S3462
    Listing number: 302163478284
    Seller name:all_japan_brand_shop
    Working link:

  9. Hi! I have the Kelly bag and this one looks exactly the same- so I think you are safe!
  10. Hi ladies, I found this at a local consignment shop and wanted to know if it's authentic?
    The serial number on it says EO-214829
    IMG_2695.jpg IMG_2696.jpg IMG_2697.jpg IMG_2698.jpg IMG_2699.jpg IMG_2700.jpg
  11. Item Name: don't know
    Listing number: n/a
    Seller name or ID: n/a
    Working Link: n/a
    in my possession.

    Hi authenticators! Please authenticate this cute little bag. It is about 6 1/2 inches wide and 5 1/2 inches tall. If authentic, I'd appreciate any information you can tell me about it, such as era.
    ferragamo002.jpg ferragamo007.jpg ferragamo010.jpg ferragamo013.jpg ferragamo018.jpg ferragamo014.jpg ferragamo019.jpg
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