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  1. Hello, I have two pairs of Vara pumps that I acquired from my local Craigslist and need help authenticating. I purchased the black patent leather pair a few months ago for very cheap to try out the style and fit before investing in a brand new pair. Today I came across the dark blue leather pair and scooped it up because it was even cheaper than what I paid for the black pair :lol: However, I was surprised to see many differences between the two. :hrmm:

    Black patent leather pair:
    - Substantially heavier (maybe because it's patent)
    - Grosgrain bow sits higher
    - Top of the "Ferragamo" signature on the ornament is facing toward the left when I'm looking down (while wearing it).
    - Stacked heel has horizontal lines with a sharp arch toward the sole.

    Dark blue leather pair:
    - Lighter than black patent leather pair
    - Grosgrain bow is noticeably flatter
    - Signature is facing toward the right.
    - Stacked heel has no horizontal lines with a curved arch toward the sole.

    I am still not familiar with Ferragamo at all even after "researching" the forum, so I need help :sad: Thank you.

    Black patent leather on the left & dark blue leather on the right:

    Black patent leather on the left & dark blue leather on the right:

    Black patent leather on top & dark blue leather on bottom. Both have different arches at the stacked heel and the stacked heel itself is different. The black patent pair's stacked heel has horizontal lines but the dark blue leather stacked heel doesn't have that.

    Insole of black patent leather pair:

    Insole of dark blue leather pair:

    Grosgrain bow of black patent leather on the left & dark blue leather on the right:

    Signature on the ornament of the black patent leather pair:

    Signature on the ornament of the dark blue leather pair:
  2. It seems that here nobody answers anymore...
  3. Hi! The difference is that your patent pair is the Vara, and the matte navy blue pair is the Lillaz. The difference is in the heel. I'm not sure about the difference in how the bows lay, but the shoes are from different lines. Hope that helps.
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  4. Thank you very much
  5. image.jpeg I need to authenticate a ferragamo handbag says

    21 A116/03 Sasso and if anyone has an idea of how much this would be. Seems an older model 8-10 years ago. image.jpeg image.jpeg
  6. Greetings all...I need your help!

    I "inherited" these shoes from a friend purging her closet. She got them from a consignment shop without the box.
    Is there a way to determine the style from this serial number?
    I was directed here from another forum and told to ask for Jonathan?
    But anyone's help will do - thanks in advance for any info you can provide about these!

    P1030125.JPG P1030125a.jpg P1030126.JPG P1030127.JPG P1030128.JPG P1030129.JPG P1030132.JPG :smile:
  7. I keep checking for a response but I guess this thread is no longer active? :sad:
  8. My friends son is dying for a Ferragamo belt. He's checking eBay and there is one he's interested in and I told him I would try to help with authenticity. As always, I've come to TPF for assistance.
    If anyone could help, I would very much appreciate it.
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  9. Enas,
    We are a very low traffic forum and do not have regular authenticators. Sorry. That said, the bag you posted looks authentic to me. It is older - maybe 6 years old/ I do not know the original retail price.
  10. Please see post #1 in this thread for the Authentication format and needed information for future requests, thank you. The belt looks authentic in my opinion.
  11. Can someone please help to authenticate this purse? Its rather new with minor scratches on the hardware. IMG_6305.JPG IMG_6305.JPG IMG_6305.JPG IMG_6306.JPG IMG_6307.JPG IMG_6308.JPG IMG_6309.JPG IMG_6310.JPG IMG_6311.JPG IMG_6312.JPG
    Item name: Salvatore Ferregamo Small Sofia
    Listing number: N/A
    Thanks a lot!!
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