Authenticate this FERRAGAMO

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  1. can help to autheticate this wallet? Please.
    1087585363.jpg 1097300668.jpg 1088285500.jpg
  2. ^^^I believe that is a Margherita, and worry not, all the seller's items that I have seen so far are authentic. HTH!
  3. hi, ladies. Can you tell me if this one is authentic? It is a reversible bag- use it as a black bag or a gray one. Thanks in advance.

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  5. Sorry - the auction ended. But, if you happened to win...the shoes do look authentic to me.

    And thank you for using the correct format required for posting authentication opinions!
  6. I've no idea whether the shoes is authentic or not. I was interested in some of her shoes too. But when I read her feedback I found this:

    These shoes are wonderful! Gorgeous and so soft! Great ebayer, thanks so much! x
    jsta6827 ( 28 [Feedback score is 10 to 49] )
    May 05, 2009 14:37

    Follow-up by jsta6827 (May 07, 2009 18:07):
    After careful inspection and appraisal by professionals, these shoes are fakes!!

    Salvatore Ferragamo flat lady shoes size 7,RRP$625 (#140314283126) AU $265.00 View Item

  7. That's bad... but the shoes do look quite good..

  8. Are these authentic?

    SFBlackmiddle1.jpg SFBlackmiddle2.jpg
  9. Hey! Unfortunately, I can not follow the format because I already have the bag in my possession and I know NOTHING about it!

    So all I can provide is a link to my photos and see if anyone can authenticate the bag and tell me what the name of the bag is?

    Thanks in advance!
  10. I do not own this bag, it is not for sale until I make sure it is authentic. So, I do not have a listing number, etc. to give you. I would greatly appreciate your opinion regarding this Ferragamo clutch's authenticity. Thank you
    003.JPG 004.JPG 007.JPG 011.JPG 013.JPG
  11. additional photos
    023.JPG 024.JPG 035.JPG 081.JPG
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