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    This is the thread for requesting an opinion about the authenticity of Salvatore Ferragamo handbags, accessories, and footwear.

    We have a new set up for Authenticating Salvatore Ferragamo items. Hopefully this will be helpful to keep the threads easy to navigate, easy to respond to, and be an overall better for all involved.

    Before you post in the Salvatore Ferragamo "Authenticate This" thread PLEASE read the rules!!!! This will make it easier for EVERYONE and really make the chance of you getting your question answered much better.

    The PurseForum requests that only members with an extensive knowledge of the brand and authenticating who have over 500 posts participate as authenticators in this AT thread. The moderators reserve the right to remove authentications that do not meet these requirements.

    Please follow the following rules:
    Before you submit a request for authentication, please search this thread to make sure that the item has not previously been authenticated.
    This is not a thread to ask general questions about Salvatore Ferragamo, please post in the general section for such information.
    Finally, please do not submit requests for something that is obviously a fake, e.g. the item says it is a replica, or a $50 Marisa.

    In order to asses the item, we need clear close-up pictures of:
    All hardware
    All logos
    Views taken from both sides, top, and bottom
    Soles of shoes
    Inside of bags

    If the seller does not have these pictures, please do not post a request. Instead, ask the seller to provide these and then post your request once the needed pictures are provided.

    This is a free service, but it is imperative that you help our authenticators by using the following format:

    Item Name:
    Listing number:
    Seller name or ID:
    Working Link:

    Authenticators are not required to answer every request, and it is their right to ignore a request that is not in the proper format.
    Authenticators may also request additional pictures and/or information in order to assist with authentication. Please remember, it is always useful to have several close up pictures when submitting an item for authentication.
    Please do not intervene to confront a troll or rudeness on the boards, just use the REPORT function (button) to alert the mods, and let them handle it from there. In the meantime, just ignore the poster until a mod can intervene.
    Always be respectful when you post and treat others as you expect to be treated. This is an open thread and everyone is welcome to participate.

    Do NOT PM an authenticator or moderator to request authentication. Any and all such requests must be posted in this thread.

    I thought I would perhaps spell out more clearly the reasons why the standardized format is required:

    1. Allows authenticators and requesters to see all information laid out in a clear and concise manner, upfront, without wading through links to find out information.

    2. Allows requesters to easily see if the items have been previously requested, when doing a search. Searches will pick up item numbers, and this is what requesters should be searching for.

    3. Allows both authenticators and requesters to mentally note important information, such as "That seller sells authentic" or "Seller XXXX is a problematic seller."

    4. Reduces duplications of requests which clutters the thread and takes up unnecessary time and space.

    5. Respects the personal time and effort authenticators take to answer requests.

    Giving an Authenticity Opinion:
    We have high standards for giving opinions in the forum. Many hours of research go into development of that knowledge. If you do not have the experience and knowledge of the brand, please refrain from giving an opinion. If someone says an item is fake, when it is not, a sellers reputation can be ruined. If a fake bag is deemed authentic, this can result in someone spending perhaps, thousands of dollars. As always, authenticity opinions are just that and not legally binding. However, giving a well informed, and responsible opinion is of the upmost importance. Irresponsible posts will be removed by a moderator.

    I hopes this helps.
    PM me if you need further clarification.

    All Authenticate This threads on tPF are meant to provide assistance to shoppers who are uncertain about the legitimacy and authenticity of designer goods. The evaluations posted by tPF's members are only opinions that stem from personal experiences as shoppers and collectors. They are not legally binding or professional authentications and are not to be treated as such.

    For questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact the forum administration via the forum's contact form.
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  2. hi

    i'm thinking about buying this vintage ferragamo from a seller in my country (Thailand) but the problem is i never see this model of ferragamo before so i feel quite unsecure :sad:,

    please share your opinion and help me authenticate this one


    Item Name: Salvatore Ferragamo ( i do not know the model name)
    Listing number: 1
    Seller name or ID: Tuscany
    Working Link: -
    Comments: the seller claims that her mom bought this bag from the official shop in around 1992-1993 but she does not know what the leather made of neither the name of this bag

    here are the pictures

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  3. Hi,
    Can somebody please authenticate this ferragamo...
    The lining inside the bag make me doubt abt the authenticity.. It's very hard almost like pvc/plastic.. I saw this model in the shop.. but in different color.. it's origami i think..

    I paid a lot for the bag.. I really need help... Can the expertise out there authenticate the bag? I can post more picture if u want.








  4. ^^I don't know vintage Ferragamo that well, so please wait for more opinions, babyville, but so far it doesn't look off to me.
  5. ^^Plumberry, that is definitely fake in my opinion; please wait for the others too though so they can confirm.
  6. I'll wait for other opinion... tq..

    more pic:



  7. Hi babyville,

    I think this one is pretty suspicious.

    There are two others I can find listed on Yahoo japan, and if it's so "rare" and from 92-93 I doubt that I should be able to find any. Also the stitching seems to be very coarse and thick. Reminds me of the stitching on a fake Fendi I once had.
    If you really want it, I would suggest calling ferragamo and asking about the style# 21-1668 to see if it's an authentic style #

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  8. plumberry, I'm no expert but I'm going to go with fake. The stamp on the inside just looks wrong w/ the font and I've never seen that lining before.

    This is trippy, I never thought Ferragamo really had that many fakes, but I guess there really are since it's more popular overseas...
  9. Thanks for jumping in, aznkat, and helping with the vintage Ferragamo! Vintage are just not my specialty. :P
  10. \\

    Thanks Aznkat25... hmm.. I should be more careful next time :sad:
  11. If you really love it you can go to the ferragamo store to get it authenticated. Say it was a gift or something. Maybe you can PM another memeber with a similar styled bag to compare notes?
  12. Please authenticate the following. I know that this style exists. (Had a similar short wallet.) I have several Ferragamo items and this seems okay to me (Ferragamo marked hardware and lining.) But, would definitely like a second opinion. Thanks in advance.

    Item Name: New FERRAGAMO women wallet with coin and picture holder
    Listing number: 160334641248
    Seller name or ID: capuci2005
    Working Link:
  13. saccharine, the wallet looks ok to me, but I would wait for other opinions.
    The do make this style with that type of leather. Pictures are a tad fuzzy to authenticate properly.

    If you could get clearer pictures of the hardware and logo on the zipper it would help.
  14. Hello everyone, I'm new here and I need your assistance in authenticating a Ferragamo bag that I dug out of my closet. I got it at an online auction a few years back and I believe its a model from the late 90s.

    The interior seems different from my other Ferragamos and I have turned the bag inside out to look for the serial number. There was none. The interior Salvatore Ferragamo leather tag also looks different, such that the whole rectangular piece was patched onto the lining and cannot be flipped up.

    The leather is of the glossy kind that was popular during those days and it came with a white felt Ferragamo dustbag. I have brought this bag to the Ferragamo boutique to refurbish the leather (which they don't do, btw) - the SA handled the bag for quite a while and did not say anything about it being a fake.

    Sorry if I was long-winded. I do appreciate your input. Thank you!
    Ferr-1.jpg Ferr-2.jpg Ferr-3.jpg Ferr-4.jpg Ferr-5.jpg
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