Authenticate This FENDI

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  1. Can you all help determine if they are authentic. I believe they are but y’alls opinions would help but my mind at ease

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  3. Can anyone tell me if this vintage Fendi bag is authentic?

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  4. Is this bag real or fake? Screenshot_20190921-180506~3.png Screenshot_20190921-181832~2.png Screenshot_20190921-181837~2.png Screenshot_20190921-181844~2.png Screenshot_20190921-181850~2.png Screenshot_20190921-180506~3.png Screenshot_20190921-180506~3.png Screenshot_20190921-181832~2.png Screenshot_20190921-181837~2.png Screenshot_20190921-181844~2.png Screenshot_20190921-181850~2.png
  5. I have a FENDI clutch that I purchased second hand. I just need to verify it’s authenticity. The numbers on the inside of the zipper pocket are: 12580•985. Thank you in advance.

  6. Hello, Authenticators! I am looking at this Fendi 3Jours Bag being sold on Poshmark right now. It is definitely something that I would love to have, but I’ve been sold a fake before, so I was hoping that you could verify that this is authentic for me. I’m posting the link to the original listing and then the additional pics that I had the seller send. Thank you so much, in advance!

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  7. Hello, Authenticators! I apologize for not using the correct format before and I would like to re-submit my request.

    Item Name: Fendi 3Jours Bag
    Item Number: n/a
    Seller: khanlolgist101 / Poshmark

    I have included additional photos that I requested from the seller. I would really love to purchase this bag and I am afraid that someone will buy it first. I just try to be extra careful because I have had a bad experience in the past. I truly appreciate this thread and all of your help!

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  8. Dear Authenticator,
    I made an impulse purchase of a pre loved fendi peekaboo mini from yoogis closet last night. Now I don’t know if the bag is authentic coz when I refer back to the posting , I don’t see any hologram stickers. Is this something I should worry? I hope someone here can point out if this bag is authentic or fake. I know I shouldn’t worry about the authenticity when I make a purchase from yoogis as they are reputable reseller but I just want to have a peace of mind to make sure it wasn’t a counterfeit that I just bought. Thank you so much!
  9. Hi there, Accio.

    I was wondering if you could help authenticate this item? I bought this from a Romanian website and the link is no longer available.
    What makes me uncertain of its authenticity is the serial number.
    Also, could you please identify the name of the bag?

    Thank you, kindly.

    P.S: the second zipper picture is from the inside pocket

    Item Name:
    Fendi suede Hobo Bag (?)

    Source: second hand item


    8751C19A-1C95-40A6-A7DF-B072C7811B5C.jpeg A6E7D00C-2AB2-40CD-9E80-17A25A989C31.jpeg
    C75A7177-2788-4072-ABF9-1EDA0200CA20.jpeg C3A7847C-E0D6-4BFA-905A-2B88F6947F51.jpeg 2F2CB7B5-B5BF-4DF9-A634-E049A91EF26D.jpeg 526979FC-BE36-4465-A0F8-44A839F86DE7.jpeg

  10. Hello there.
    I am new in this forum, and was wondering if someone would be so kind as to help me authenticate this vintage Fendi monogram bag I came across on (something like a Brazilian eBay). The seller says she got the bag in Japan many years ago, and that it does not come with its dustbag.
    I do not own any designer bag, so I want to make sure I get the right thing when the time comes. This specific bag is being sold for about 150 usd.
    Thank you so much in advance.

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  13. Item Name (if you know it): Fendi Baguette
    Link (if available, if not, provide source): N/A
    Attach photos

    Hello, please Kindly help me authentic this fend bag. I cannot locate the serial number inside the bag. The only numbers I could find in this bag is on the magnetic buckle, which reads "UK.D973682 and PAT 1519246".

    Thank you in advance.

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