Authenticate This FENDI

  1. Thank you, thank you so much baglady.1
    Now I can bid with confidence :smile:
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  3. Item Name: Fendi Clutch
    Attached Photos:

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    Please authentic this clutch! Thank you!!!
  4. Hello, I am watching this item on eBay. But I am not sure if it authentic because the seller sold another bag like that nearly 3 weeks ago. I asked for more pictures and she sent me out of focus pictures...:nono:

    Anyweay I post the pic of the code that is the only one can be seen clearly.

    Item Name: Fendi zucca chef bag
    Item Number: 221295354545
    Seller ID: serena3858
    130.JPG 129.JPG 128.JPG 126.JPG
  5. Pretty sure this is authentic, but I need to see the leather serial # strip sewn into lining opposite side from hologram tag....:smile: - really cute bag, BTW. :graucho:
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    Thank you. I have to wait the seller send it to me, thank you.
  8. Hello! I bought this bag on eBay before finding out about this awsome website.
    I think it's fake..but may I am wrong.
    Help please:
  9. You were right, it is a fake :tdown:
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    Hello authenticators, I recently bought this fendi 2jours for a really good deal, I received it today. At first glance it seems to check out, I compare it corner to corner to my authentic 2jours I bought from the boutique. But I won't feel at peace if I didn't have it authenticated here. The only thing weird about this bag to me is the lining. The material is stiffer, perhaps it's too new? Unlike my authentic one which I can easily pull up the lining to yank out the hologram, this one seems to be glued on to the bottom and side leather. And it's not one piece of fabric going from the middle compartment all the way to the top, there are 2 different pieces that got stitched together, please refer to pictures 5-6 for the inside bottom of the bag

    eBay link
    seller : kikiconnect
    item # : 190921405683
    Thank you so very much for your help, crossing fingers :smile: