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  2. hello, I have bought a Fendi bag from eBay. I dont know whether it is authentic or not. Can somebody help me?
  3. Well, we can't help if you don't post pics and a auction number or link. ;)
  4. I'm always nervous about sellers who keep their history private. There's only one negative, though, so who knows?
  5. Yup, it is fake.
  6. This one looks ok to me...but I haven't seen the cognac in person. Maybe someone that has this color can weigh in. If its real, then great price and in good shape.
  7. it looks a bit too dark to be congnac, no?
  8. Yeah, there are a number of things that are wrong with the "cognac" spy. The body of the bag is too dark, the grain of the leather is wrong, the stitching on the underside of the spy handle is too short.

  9. ^^she has a reserve on it.
    she dosent sell fakes, or so she has no history of selling fake bags.
    she sells alot of display bags with marks on the inside tags to prevent store returns.
  10. I've heard personalshopper on ebay is safe but look at the tag on the caramel spy currently posted. Is it OK when the A is on a separate line above the other numbers?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.