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  1. Hey accio sacculus! It has been awhile, hope you've been doing well!
    Did you enjoy the Vancouver 2010 Olympics? It was insane wasn't it!
    Thanks for the authenticating! The Baby Spy is mine! :yahoo:

    Thanks mzedith! Yes I did! Yay!:nuts:
  2. thx u for ur help :smile:
  3. awesome!! congrats.. please post a pic in the Baby spy club once you receive it., im not sure there are many black Baby's around. :smile:
  4. No problem. I have seen a few of these bags before on eBay. I love the style but I never seen it in person/or on anyone before. Thanks for the help.
    Item Name: N/A
    Item Number: 200454788627
    Seller ID: luna-derodeff

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.