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  1. Thanks a lot for your reply!
    Any advice on where I can find the value of these bags? A catalog or something of the sort.

    I will be selling them since I am male and have no use for them. I'm probably not allowed to sell on here and I apologize in advance if I am breaking a rule but if anybody would like to make an offer they can be theirs!

    Thanks again for your swift reply baglady!!
  2. Hi Guys,

    I just bought a black fendi zucchino forever spalmati tote bag from Bluefly, and I havent found the same bag listed on any other website, I'm just wondering if Fendi does indeed make these bags.

    I would really appreciate an answer!

    Thank you!;)
  3. Thanks for the heads up
  4. Yr link does not work, but if you have any concerns about yr bag, submit photos here after you receive it - instructions for what we want to see are on POST #1 on this thread.;)
  5. Alrighty, Thank you!
  6. I need to see a picture of the hologram tag & leather serial # strip sewn into bag (perhaps in a pocket). Also need clear enough picture of oval metal serial # plate to see all the writing & codes on it - too blurry. Finally, would like a pic of interior of bag, including any logo patches, plates, etc. :smile:
  7. Hi ladies please help me authenticate my new purchase. The item name is: pink dot embossed leather logo card case. I bought it from Belle & Clive. A part of the authenticity card is cut off. And on the inside, some of the serial tags letters + numbers are peeling off. The "made in italy" writing looks smudged and is also peeling off. The serial tag inside is 8M0269-FGP-128-2251. And on the card: 8M0269 00FGP F0DFZ. Please let me know what you think
    IMG_1929.jpg IMG_1938.jpg IMG_1940.jpg IMG_1941.jpg IMG_1944.jpg IMG_1947.jpg IMG_1948.jpg
  8. Is this indeed a fraudy Fendi wallet?

    Item Name: Fendi Regimental Black Stripe Clutch Wallet Checkbook Coated Canvas Leather Box
    Item Number: 261062943671
    Seller ID: collectibles888

    This auction has ended so seller's pics not available there to public. My pics are below. This is a vintage wallet of sorts - Fendi doesn't make it anymore though I'm not sure what year range it's from - it's pre-hologram. (It was listed in new condition, which is is.)

    I bought this to replace my worn-out Fendi wallet of exactly the same type. Here are the main concerns I see with the alleged authenticity of this one I just bought, aside from that it's a little ... sleek ... and smooth:

    1) On mine the top of the credit card slots have stitching; this one doesn't... just a little foldover of the material. (If you were to pull cards out on a daily basis I would expect that little flap to pull up.)

    2) Fendi metal nameplate has the word Italy almost running off to nearly the edge - my old one doesn't. Also nameplate seems a little thinner and different gold sheen.

    3) Fendi embossing on leather (frontside of where the wallet snaps) has wording in different position from mine.

    4) No authenticity card included. (Seller didn't say there would be one but did list this as a Fendi wallet.)

    5) The serial numbers (or whatever they are) on the outside of the box do not match the serial number stamped on the wallet. (Seller's auction only provided pic of numbers on box, not number on wallet.)

    The numbers are, on box: 80051/0/B10/DO

    On wallet: 2318-80051-068

    6) Maybe the box is real, but I did notice the Fendi on the front is a label, not in perfect position. Although there were Fendi logos stamped on the tissue and inside of the box lid.

    7) Cardboard was in the compartments of the wallet, but there was no tissue wrapping of the metal parts as I'd heard there might be. (Not sure if Fendi really did that.)​

    Here are my pics. After them I'm including a couple pics from my old worn-out Fendi wallet details for comparison.

    The pic below shows a different layout of wording on the embossing vs. my old Fendi (whose pic is toward the end).

    The pic below shows the top of the credit card slots do not have stitching (my old Fendi does), and also the end of the word Italy on the little goldtone plate is running down almost off the edge - it isn't on my old Fendi.

    And here are more pics of the one in question and its box (box is different number than serial inside wallet).

    The rest of these are pics of my ancient Fendi for comparison:


    It's probably easiest to see the differences on the embossed leather and the little goldtone nameplate if you open up a new window to compare side-by-side.

    Thanks very much, by the way!!
  9. Looks good, IMO! :tup:
  10. The new one does not look right to me... :tdown:
  11. Wow thank you so much!! :hugs:
  12. An interesting comparison. I am actually leaning toward Authentic FENDI on this one....but our knowledge here on Vintage pre hologram items is limited.
    I think they may be different seasons is why not exactly the same. I am a bit thrown by the sloppy workmanship on the FENDI metal plate/medallion....but everything else looks good to me, especially the serial #. That is exactly the way it should be & it NEVER matches a code on a box or what you have is correct. On the fold over compartments vs stitched, I checked my FENDI wallets (2002 & 2006) and they all have fold over rather than stitched. The Finnochi snap is correct. Packaging is correct. Viewing ID plastic is correct. Authenticity Card - don't know if they even came with leather goods of this era - more of a 2000 yr or later phenomenon.
    Anyhoo - that is my 2 cents on your wallet. ;)
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