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  1. oh ok thanks :sad:
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    Hello Everyone:
    I wanted to know if this style of bag was ever made. I was trying to bid for it on eBay. Thank you so much! [​IMG]
  3. this doesn't look like any Fendi I've ever seen, but would need more pics to confirm... Especially of the hologram and leather serial strip or serial number, if it's an older bag...

  4. haven't seen anything like it either. :wondering
    along wit A.S. request, can you please post the link to the auction as well?
    **see new rules on page 1 for Authn format**

  5. Please authenticate
    Fendi Peek a Boo

    Item 120573332137
    Seller Pokernutt42
  6. This one looks good, IMO! :tup: In the future, please post the link to the auction! :yes: :ty:
  7. since i work as SA in fendi before for two years (2005-2007) i've seen this kinda bag before although in my opinion it looks ugly and cheap
  8. Pinkcaviar? did you win that bag? nice score!
  9. There is neither a serial stamp or hologram tag, so I'm leaning toward fake. Also I noticed that the Fendi font is cut off...Unless ENDI is a new brand :biggrin:
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