Authenticate This DOONEY & BOURKE

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  2. Item: Dooney & Bourke Bag
    Listing Number: 170906300495
    Seller: nicholesandin25

    Comments: There are two tags inside the bag. The usual tag that say Dooney Bourke Made in USA that is blue red and white. It also has another tag, leather tag above it that says assembled in mexico. I won the auction and I have received the bag.
  3. The bag shown in the listing is authentic.

    The red, white and blue tags are used in most newer bags (since the late 80's) and aren't just for bags that are made in the US.

    If you look at the serial number on the back of the tag, it should start with "M" which indicates Mexico.
  4. Thanks so much. The cloth tag does have an "M" indicating Mexico. I thought it was authentic but I never seen the leather tag that said "assembled in Mexico" before thats inside the purse. I am familiar with the red white and blue tag. So happy I got the real thing. Thanks again.
  5. You're welcome. :smile:
  6. Silly question, but have Dooney bags ever been made in Korea? I passed on a bag at Savers that just had a tag inside that said "made in Korea". It was supposedly one of the all weather bags, but no red white and blue serial number tag, so I walked away.
  7. Dooney makes and has made bags in various countries including USA, China, Mexico, Costa Rica and Italy.

    AFAIK, they never made bags in Korea.
  8. Thank you, that's what I thought, but wanted some one to confirm. Glad I passed on that bag!
  9. You're welcome.

  10. Thanks so much! You guys ROCK! :biggrin:
  11. :smile: You're welcome.