Authenticate This DOONEY & BOURKE

  1. I purchased this at a thrift store, authentication is greatly appreciated!






    The bottom has 5 brass "bare" feet
  2. The item is Dooney and Bourke Scotties Handbag

    The eBay item number is 130730300833

    The seller is jroseh71

    Thankyou for the help

    I am hoping you can please tell if this is a real Dooney and Bourke?

    I really like the dogs but I see bees to? I do not know if this is ok?

    Is this ok?
  3. I know practically nothing about Dooney & Bourke but found this one at a thrift shop for a couple of bucks & figured it was worth a shot! Could someone please help me authenticate? The inside tag reads "All Weather Leather 2" but I haven't been able to find one in that collection that looks like this, anyone know this style? TIA!
  4. Hello I would like this Dooney and Bourke authenticated

    Title: Dooney & Bourke Handbag

    Seller: pepperpup

    Auction link:

    Comments. "so this does not have the tag inside with the numbers?"

    Seller replied: No it does not
  5. Dooney & Bourke All-Weather Leather wallet

    Hi! I need help in authenticating this wallet my bf gave me from Thailand. This was bought at a leather factory who claimed they were commissioned by Dooney & Bourke to make leather items to be shipped back to the US (thus they claim that their items still do not have tags on them). I was convinced first that this was authentic but now, I am quite hesitant. Please see the links below for reference. Thanks!
  6. I bought this Dooney and Bourke Satchel and matching wallet off Craigslist and I was convinced that its real. However after reading about all the fakes out there it got me second guessing. Please help confirm to me whether or not my satchel and wallet is real. I am not sure of the name because I am not familiar of the Dooney and Bourke brand.





    Not pictured is a Tag inside the bag that said "DOONEY & BOURKE, INC MADE IN USA"

    The tag is white, the "dooney & bourke, inc made in usa" is blue and a red rectangular/square boarding around the words.

    Behind the tag is a serial number: A1715107

    The inside has a leather flap with zip compartment as well as little card compartments and there is dark greenish gray suede lining throughout the inside of the bag.

    Thank you so much for your help - I am anticipating your response :smile:
  7. Hi - This bag was in a large lot of purses I bought from a lady going out of business. She said it's authentic but i would like to be sure. Thanks so much. I will post 5 pics in this post and 2 more pics in my next post. Thanks.
    IMG_5630.JPG IMG_5632.JPG IMG_5636.JPG IMG_5644.JPG IMG_5645.JPG
  8. Here are the other pictures. Thanks!
    IMG_5646.JPG IMG_5647.JPG IMG_5648.JPG
  9. I have this Dooney & Bourke purse my mom gave to me and it looks like this What style is this purse? and is it real?
  10. Hi, we're collectors not authenticators but while you wait I know it would be really helpful to upload larger more detailed photos ESPECIALLY a clear shot of the inside.
  11. Item: DOONEY & BOURKE Red Beige Black Safari Animal Zebra Cheetah Tote Satchel NWOT!

    Listing number: 221095527939 (Auction is ended.)

    Seller: ooshpatch2


    Hello, all! Can someone please help me with this Dooney? It looked great to me in the auction listing, but after receiving it today, I am not sure it is authentic. It's just "off" in a lot of ways--the bag is much lighter and more flimsy than I expected, the trim does not feel or smell like leather, the canvas feels thin, and the overall quality of the bag just seems poor.

    I have only seen and held this particular style bag in real life once before--I was at the Dooney store when they first came out and was going to buy one, but changed my mind at the last minute because I didn't "need" another bag at the time. Sigh. I have been looking for this bag on eBay off and on since, and thought I'd finally found it.

    It could be that I am so unfamiliar with this type of Dooney that I am totally wrong! I know about the older AWL Dooneys, but that is the extent of my experience. I was just so surprised at the lack of quality that this bag seems to have compared to the older bags, but maybe the later Dooney styles are just like that, being a different type of bag overall.

    Anyway, can someone who is familiar with this bag give me an opinion on this bag's authenticity? I can post more pictures if the auction ones aren't enough. Thanks so much for your time and help!
    Listing number: 330740912092

    Hi - I bought this bag in a lot purses back in June. It has some ink spots on the front and I just now decided to do something with it. Please authenticate. If you need more pictures, I have plenty. Just let me know what you need. Thanks so much. :smile:
  13. Can anyone authenticate vintage MCM? Sorry new acct I can't post my own thread.