**Authenticate This Dooney & Bourke item!** PLEASE HELP (I'M NEW TO THE SITE!)

  1. Hello! My name is Stefanie. My sister introduced me to this site months ago, but I had difficulty figuring out where everything was so I hadn't really been on since. That is, until yesterday. I really wanted this purse on eBay so I posted a thread asking members if they thought it was real. Like I said, I'm not very good at maneuvering around this site so I accidently posted the thread in The Newcomer's Lounge. I was quickly directed to the right forum. Thank you! Once I posted a thread in Dooney & Bourke, I was then instructed to put **Authenticate This Dooney & Bourke item!** Thank you again! :smile: A member authenticated the item and suggested purchasing if the bidding was below $125. Great! Auction ended today and I won! The seller sent me an invoice thanking me for bidding, specifying that item would be shipped directly after payment and their e-mail address if I had any questions. Then...I noticed something strange. "If you want to mail your payment, please send it and a copy of this e-mail to: [Payment address not on file with eBay] Why is this seller's addrss not on file with eBay? Do they plan on taking off with my $ and then becoming a no longer registered user? I don't mean to jump to conclusions, but I have a funny feeling and it's not the 1st time it's happened. I e-mailed the seller through eBay's Ask seller a question (not their e-mail address). I want eBay to have records of our communication. I said that I was going to send a money order so could I have their mailing address. Honestly, I planned on paying with PayPal, but I'm trying to buy some time. The seller quicky responded with their address. Does this sound fishy to anyone? I then decided to go here (The Purse Forum). I noticed I had received new replies on my postings. Another member questioned the authenticity and suggested I find another purse at a better price. I'm starting to get really nervous now. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I should do? Once again: Here is the listing


    Well, I probably have this posting in the wrong forum again! Just wanted to thank anyone (in advance) for their responses. I was welcomed by a few members when I accidently posted in The Newcomer's Lounge and I really appreciate it. This site seems to be filled with such kind, helpful people. Thank you and God bless you! Stefanie
  2. ^^I'm talking to an ebay rep right now. Hang in there :smile:

    I think I was the person who told you that the bag looked authentic - I should help you find out if the seller is authenric too!
  3. Rep=ebay live help representative

    [7:38:35 PM] [Rep] Thank you ! How may I help you?
    [7:39:11 PM] [customer] Hello, I'm asking this question for a
    friend..if a seller says their payment address is not on file with
    what does it mean?
    [7:39:29 PM] [Rep] Ok.
    [7:40:06 PM] [Rep] By payment address, do you mean the PayPal email
    address or the seller's payment address for sending checks or money
    [7:40:10 PM] [customer] (my friend is the buyer, and new to ebay and
    worried about sending payment)
    [7:40:24 PM] [Rep] Ok. I understand that.
    [7:40:30 PM] [customer] seller's payment address
    [7:41:08 PM] [customer] If you want to mail your payment, please send
    it and a copy of this e-mail to: [Payment address not on file with
    [7:41:09 PM] [Rep] That would mean that the seller hasn't submitted
    his/her payment address for receiving check or money order payments.
    [7:41:26 PM] [Rep] Ok.
    [7:41:43 PM] [customer] is it all right to proceed with the
    [7:41:44 PM] [Rep] The seller will have to add the address on file with

    eBay. Then, the address should appear.
    [7:42:04 PM] [Rep] Checks or money order payments are no longer covered

    under buyer protection program.
    [7:42:26 PM] [Rep] However, when you pay through PayPal, PayPal offers
    buyer protection.
    [7:42:28 PM] [customer] ..and you suggest that Paypal be used for
    [7:42:34 PM] [Rep] Yes.
    [7:43:00 PM] [Rep] You can read more about PayPal buyer protection on :

    [7:43:14 PM] [customer] Thank you. I will let my friend know. Is
    there any way of obtaining an electronic transcript of this
    [7:43:24 PM] [Rep] You can save this chat for your future reference.
  4. I was the one who wasn't sure about authenticity. Please ask the seller to take pics of all interior tags and post them here. I'd like to see them. Merika that is so sweet of you to help I'm afraid I made Stefanie nervous for nothing :sad:
  5. It's authentic.
  6. Hello again! I haven't been on recently. Merika, (if you see this) I want to thank you. To go out of your way for me like that was a true blessing. You're awesome! I'm still not sure if the bag is authentic, but the seller is definately NOT! When I was paying for the item via PayPal, I pushed the wrong button and ended up paying with my checking account & not my credit card. :sad: The seller sent me the strangest e-mail. She said, "Hey darling!" and then went on to say how she got an e-mail about the e-check, called to see when it would clear, and when it did, she would mail out the handbag then "hun". She then gave me a link to her "My Space" page. Now, I believe we are all connected and am a very friendly person myself, but that seemed a little off to me. A friend of mine said, "Stef, she wouldn't give you her "My Space" page if the purse was fake. Would she? Today, I received the bag. Angelica, (if you see this) here are pictures of the interior. I don't have the best digital camera so I apologize if the pics aren't that clear. The tag says, Dooney & Bourke, Inc. Next to it is another little white tag that says, Made In China. As you can see, the purse is USED! When I opened the package, I noticed some dirt on the back of the purse. I thought, "Hmm, that's weird". I cleaned it, but didn't jump to any conclusions. Then I opened it and could see all the stains at the bottom. There are also crumbs in one of the pockets. Does this seller think that by writing that fake e-mail, it would stop me from noticing the bag is used and not filing a SNAD? Of course, I accidently paid with my checking account so I'm sure I will never see my $ again.
  7. Ooops. The Purse Forum is saying that my pictures are too big to post. I will put them up as soon as I can find someone to re-size them for me!
  8. Here they are:



  9. Your pics are not showing up for me, but I wanted to tell you that you can submit a claim with paypal for 'item not as described' no matter if you used an e-check or credit card..

    I won something from a seller who immediatley became a "no longer a resgistered user" on ebay and when I got it I was unsatisfied and I sent it back to them after I made a claim on paypal and emailed the seller telling them I wanted a refund. The seller never refunded my money of course, but It took about 20 days for paypal to get my money back for me. I always pay with my checking account.
    I hope everything works out for you, Good Luck!
  10. wrong thread
  11. I hope they show up now:
  12. Tags are good. No worries. If it's not new or as described file a claim with paypal.
  13. Yeah- it says NEW on the listing... and there's dirt? Not good. I'd definetly file a dispute about that.
  14. You're welcome! The purse looks authentic including the tags, but since it is not new you can (if you haven't already) file a dispute with Paypal for item significantly not as described. Take pictures of all the stains etc, so that you can backup your claim. Paypal does refund money (sometimes partially, though)
  15. they probably don't have the info because they are a new ebayer.