Authenticate This Dolce & Gabbana

  1. It looks like fake. The leather looks cheap, the seam is not consistent in length, the zip is oversize and the logo embossement is not perfect. Designers usually avoid these imperfections.
  2. So I ordered these 2 bags from and they turned out to have a made in china tag inside!:tdown: I spoke to them and returned them. They insisted they were real but I am not gonna pay $800 for 2 D&G bags that have a made in china tag. I have 5 bags and all 5 have made in italy, as far as I was aware its the only country (italy) D&G was manufactured.

    So....can I get any info if they are infact real? When did D&G start doing this? :sad:



    I even tried to contact Dolce and Gabbana corporate offices in NY and they said Italy was the only place they manufactured their products, I left messages to make a complaint regarding Saks but have not heard from them! :push:
  3. Someone may have ordered the same bags, returned fake ones to Saks, and then the fakes got shipped to you. It does happen, unfortunately. But Saks should take back these bags and send you replacements, in my opinion.
  4. Hi Guys,
    Could you pls. help me authenticate this D&G bag?
    Thanks so much!
    2d7b_1.jpg 3062_1.jpg 3401_1.jpg dcd6_1.jpg e415_1.jpg
  5. Hi Guys,
    Could you pls. help me authenticate this D&G bag?
    Thanks so much!
    2d7b_1.jpg 3062_1.jpg 3401_1.jpg dcd6_1.jpg e415_1.jpg
  6. I have heard of some higher end companies moving production of bags that are not all leather to China, but if D&G said they produce all of their bags in Italy, I would take their work for it. I'm not familiar with D&G bags at ALL, but those tags do look cheap. I would think even if it was made in China, the tag would look a little nicer? Anyway, I believe what the poster above me said is true. Saks wouldn't sell merchandise that isn't authentic, but I have heard cases of people returning a fake and keeping the real one:sad: Who knows, maybe they are authentic..but judging by all the info you have, I would be skeptical..
  7. Some D&G bags are made in China. The lower priced ones are generally made in China. Do you ever notice that when you look at D&G bags on sites like Elux that it sometimes says "Imported" in the description and other times it says "Made in Italy"? Those ones that say "Imported" are the China-made ones. For some reason, these sites only advertise the country of origin when it's a "glamorous" country like Italy or France.
  8. oh yuck - I had no idea :O
  9. its getting scarier and scarier at saks..this is not the first time i have heard of this point i would not order anything from saks
  10. What? Well that is news to me. Another shcker-just like the thread on LV being sold at Costco
  11. I just got this D&G from NM:

    It does not look like the above pic :sad: it's more of a burgandy color, but it has a leather tag attached to the pocket brand/logo saying it's Made in Italy. I am still not impressed with the quality... I can see why it was on sale.
  12. ^^^I came across the post on eBay and it does not look good to me. The seller has a negative from a person who recently bought a bag and claims it was fake. It looks cheap with the plastic wrapped around the handles. The plastic zipper looks bad, too. :tdown:

  13. Yes exactly ACL! More and more of non leather bags from major designers, not just D&G are being produced in China.
  14. did you find a serial number on that bag? and where did you buy it?
  15. Yup, several luxury companies are making bags in China now....I'm willing to bet this is an authentic D&G bag made in China. The Dana Thomas book "Deluxe" goes into great detail about's an interesting read and has literally changed the way I shop.