Authenticate This Dolce & Gabbana

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    I was given a D & G bag as a gift and was wondering if there were in tell-tale obvious signs that could help me identify if it is real or not. The person who gave it to me is a bit pretentious and keeps talking about it to the point that it seems she is trying to convince herself it is real. It just made me curious. I am a beginner handbag person and if it is real it will be my official first designer bag. If not, I still like it so no harm done.

  2. I am no expert, but believe this is not a real D&G :crybaby: based on:
    1) quality of the leather
    2) style - very basic, not in proportion
    3) quality and size of hardware
    4) name tag, not D&G
    5) small seams, not straight
    6) zipper, inexpensive and most top quality bags do not design their bags to have the zipper extended beyond the purse (this is an inexpensive way to produce a bag) unless it's a "design element"
    7) lining

    Hope this helps
  3. It's a fake.
    The zipper is all wrong and the heat stamps are horrible.
  4. I purchased a pair of Dolce and Gabbana shoes via Saksfifthave. The item description on the site says the shoes are made in Italy. However, when I finally received the shoes, the label stamped on the shoes says the shoes were 'made in indonesia'. I called Saksfifth and they were unable to help me unless I contact Dolce and Gabbana vendors.

    My concern,

    Is it possible that Dolce and Gabbana have factories outside Italy?

    Most importantly, Is this shoes authentic, considering I purchased from Saksfifth?

    Hope to hear some responses

  5. Does anyone recognize this bag? I'm told it's a Dolce & Gabbana, but I can't find it anywhere! I think it's a knock off, but I love it. Please help! Thanks.
    dolce gabbana copy.jpg
  6. Anyone could tell from those pics:


    That's all I have. TIA!
  7. Does anyone have some tips on identifying real or fake Dolce and Gabbana bags and accessories?
  8. OKay I guess having sunglasses authenticated is not a good idea on a handbag site LOL
  9. definitely not real. the stamp on the inner tag wasn't centered...that would never be allowed on a real one. it looks like a decent fake though.
  10. Fake. The D&G stamp is not centered like the others said already and the font is different. I'm sorry.