Authenticate This DKNY

  1. Hey, I was wondering if anyone could help me. I bought this purse a while back for like £2 in a charity shop and I've never known if it was real or not. Could anyone help me? The fabric is very smooth if that helps at all :confused1:

    Photo's attached! TIA!
    DSC02572.JPG DSC02573.JPG DSC02574.JPG
  2. Anyone? :shrugs:
  3. How cute, good deal!

  4. Thanks !

    So does anyone think it's real?
  5. I would bet that it is real since dkny is not really a counterfeited brand. you can get bags at marshalls with that print for $15 so a coin purse for that price sounds right.
  6. There's nothing about it that looks suspect. I own a DKNY bag and wallet, and it looks pretty consistent with what you have here. DKNY isn't a commonly counterfeited brand anyway. I would say your coin purse is real. It's quite cute, and a good deal too!
  7. Thanks alot everyone! I really appreciate your responses :flowers:
  8. Can anyone help me figure out if this DKNY bag is authentic?
    IMG_2331.JPG IMG_2334.JPG IMG_2332.JPG IMG_2333.JPG
  9. I am no expert on DKNY bags, but I have owned some. I compared your pics with my own bags, and based on my comparisons, I would say the bag in your pics is real. The country of origin tag is even the same as mine. The overall quality is consistent with a real DKNY bag. I wouldn't worry too much. DKNY is not a heavily faked brand.
  10. Thanks for looking. I didn't really suspect that it was fake as it seems like it's of pretty good quality, and the details are nice. But I bought it used, and you just never know.
  11. i went to order a rafe bag online today and went to the website...i called the 800 number and ordered the bag...i got my invoice from
    the rafe website is authentic, are these authorized sellers? i went directly to the website and he has a blog there, i'm sure they are but now i feel anxious!
  12. It looks like eFashion Solutions is a company that handles the online sales and shipping for designer labels. They do all of the online retail work for Rafe, DKNY, Lieber, and Oscar De La Renta.
  13. I know LV and Chanel like the back of my hand, but I'm absolutely clueless about DKNY. I have been this bag by a friend - I've never seen her wear either an expensive bag or a fake, so that's no indication. I do not want to wear fakes, so your help is much appreciated.

    The bag has a small tag on the left inside, stating "Made in Indonesia". The dustbag has no label.

    Without further ado, here are the pictures:


    Thanks in advance! :smile:
  14. I have owned DKNY bags in the past, and comparing yours with mine, I would say yours is real. Overall the look and quality appears to be consistent with DKNY. Also, your dustbag looks identical to mine.
  15. Thank you so much, ArmCandyLuvr! I also thought the quality felt rather good - but I wanted to be safe.