Authenticate This DIOR

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  1. The serial numbers can be identical if the bags were made in the same month in the same year. Otherwise they shouldn't have the same number.
  2. I believe this is authentic

  3. Does the serial number label should stay the same position for the same model? These two are different. One faces to the front and another faces to the back.
  4. It should be on the same side.
  5. Thank you averagejoe. It's clear to me now that the bag is 100% fake with no doubt. I have contacted VC and showed them some photo's of mine and hers. Hope they will contact me quickly otherwise I will contact my credit card company.
  6. I hope the refund goes smoothly.

    I have a feeling that most of the fake Diors that they get are from the same clients. They have figured out that VC can't detect that their super fakes are fake, so they keep selling the bags to VC.
  7. Hi Dior expert, could you help me authenticate this handbag?

    Item name: Lady Dior Lambskin Medium
    Online reseller name: Trendlee
    Direct URL link:

    From the date code(11-MA-0161), it looks like the year is 2011, and I did a search through the forum, I saw there is a color called “mist” that is an limited edition color in 2011(post:, that is pretty much similar to the color on the website. Also from the pictures on the website, I did not seem to see any red flags(I am new to dior so I might be wrong), so I just placed my order. But just wanna double check here, because the price for a lady dior that new feels a little too good to be true :P

    Thanks in advance :smile:
  8. Please post a clear detailed picture of the front of the interior tag. We can't authenticate without this detail.
  9. Hello, I would appreciate any help authenticating this bag. Thank you!

    Name: Lady Dior Black Medium
    Seller: Au Noir on Tradesy
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