Authenticate This DIOR

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  1. Average Joe. Just to add to what I already told you. Apparently it was sold in auction without serial number because of the fault with aligning of the Dior buckle. It seems weird but make sense to me at the same time. I am just waiting for your green light or definitely red light. If to go ahead and buy or not . Thank you very very much in advance
  2. Why?
  3. The seller made up quite the elaborate story to sell this bag, which I believe is fake. The misalignment is because it is fake.
  4. I believe this is authentic
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  6. Thank you. Saving my money for real one. Thanks to you
  7. Thanks averagejoe. Can I ask how you can tell it's a fake? What is the most telling detail? Thanks in advance
  8. Sorry we do not disclose the reasons why here.
  9. Hi!

    Would you be kind enough to authenticate this bag:

    Item Name: Dioraddict Small Bag in Powder Pink
    Seller ID: private

    Thanks a lot.

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  10. I believe this is fake
  11. Hello Averagejoe,

    Could you help to authenticate this lady dior please?

    Item name: Brand New Lady Dior M
    Online reseller name: Qvintagelux
    Direct URL link:

    Many thanks for your kind help!

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  12. Hi average joe,

    Can u please help i was just looking at the photos again and realised that the piece of leather on the charm is using regular leather instead or patent leather is this still authentic?

    Thanks so much for your time


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