Authenticate This DIOR

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  1. There is no need to post here and send me a PM with your request. Please do not send a PM request for future requests.

    I believe this is authentic
  2. I thank you very much for your attention!
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  3. Thank you so much. The seller sent me additional photos. Do these help?

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  4. I believe this is authentic
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  6. Thank you average joe:smile:
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  7. hi Average Joe. Ajka here. You helped me few times before and I appreciate your honest opinion. Please have a look at this Dior. Ebayer 100% feedback. Apparently bought this in some kind of auction. And been told it’s authentic. But date code removed and Dior buckle-Is tilted. Look closely at the pictures. No cards included or a dust bag. I know right? Sounds like no way!!! But you had 100-eds if no 1000-nds bags going through your eyes so might have seen something like this . I’m wondering if maybe Dior made it. Not perfectly straight and that’s why didn’t attached date code. Is this just rubbish and it’s impossible?????. I’m waiting for your reply. Unpatiently . Thank you
  8. 65FEB807-D908-4EAB-B160-6E01E15BB3EE.png 65FEB807-D908-4EAB-B160-6E01E15BB3EE.png 65FEB807-D908-4EAB-B160-6E01E15BB3EE.png 65FEB807-D908-4EAB-B160-6E01E15BB3EE.png 65FEB807-D908-4EAB-B160-6E01E15BB3EE.png Just in case I am sending pictures as well. I don’t know why he put cards and dust bag if not included

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  9. EA950191-F964-45B6-A5E5-3DC3888A328E.png 55DFC38E-2AC4-4335-B197-EEA314197D2B.png 10FE7A5E-8A33-4BFE-A64D-09E6323D9686.png 2EB32F82-4B98-4215-802C-764FCF84AFFD.png B36BE7EB-D339-4DCB-B044-279EE57F6012.png B36BE7EB-D339-4DCB-B044-279EE57F6012.png DB809DBC-91D5-4D61-994A-C37E5D6509EF.png 580B017A-491E-4A3D-BB01-233685D9A3FF.png B44770D4-F320-4C7B-8090-BA19C6D8D738.png B44770D4-F320-4C7B-8090-BA19C6D8D738.png Sorry I pressed something by mistake so posted in 2 threads. By the way guys the app stopped working. I have been trying to post from app as usual, it doesn’t even want to sign me in since Wednesday , I’m not sure if admin is aware of that error

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  10. Hi Average joe can you please help me with this lady dior bag please.

    Item name: lady dior
    Leather :Patent
    Colour: beige

    Thank you in advance !!!

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