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  1. Can anyone help me to check this bag please? I compare with my other Be Dior bag and there are things different and I wonder if the bag from year 2014 and year 2015 can be different?

    The leather has no smell from China but it's less heavy than my other Be Dior. Other things are slightly different but I won't mention here to prevent people to make the fake one to be authentic one. Please take a look at the photo's and let me know if the bag is authentic or not.

    Thank you very much for all your help.








  2. Okay thank you! will wait until I receive the bag
  3. Do you mind taking close-up pictures of the hand-painted resin edges? Be sure to include some from where the flap meets the body of the bag.

    Also, on your other Be Dior bag (from the Dior boutique), was there stitching around the interior tag?
  4. I believe this is authentic

  5. Averagejoe, unfortunately I don't have the bag with me right now but I want to point a few things which maybe you can see if the bag is fake or not?

    The top is my blue bag from Dior boutique.

    I notice that the back has the stitches both left and right closed to both edges but the pink one not. I have checked many bags from different sellers whom sell this bag and they all have except Dior website has not.

    The second pic I see that the screws are not all in horizontal while mine are. Also the ring where the straps to attach, they are round. Mine are not. I also checked many bags from other sellers also and they all look line mine except from Dior website.

    I wonder if this bag is fake and copy the details from the website because so many things look exactly the same as on Dior website but my bag which I bought from Dior boutique is different and other sellers whom sell authentic Be Dior have the same marks as mine. Also orange lining shouldn't be the same color?

    Is it possible that Dior try to prevent fake by putting different marks on their bags on the website than the bags in the boutique?

    Actually I still have more marks that are different such as stamp from Dior, the inner pocket sewing, hardware with CD stamp, Dior charm thickness, the bag weight. Does Dior always keep the same material for the certain model? I hope they do.

    I love to hear your opinion. Nowadays so many too good fake and I really hope we would have the way to stop but unfortunately not.

    Thank you and I await for your reply.

    Best regards,


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    Based on your comparison, and the seller's reputation of sometimes selling fakes as we have identified here, I believe the bag you got is fake.

    Please initiate a return/refund.
  7. Quick question -
    Dior autenticity card came with a lady dior bag produced in May 2015 has a barcode on the back. Is this a new trend? I googled but didn't find any images or info on this.
    Thank you
  8. Yes, some of the new cards have bar codes on them.

  9. Good to know! Thanks
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    Thank you very much for your help, averagejoe. This seller has been selling Dior products sunglasses clothes etc and other brands for many years at VC and seem to be authentic except this Dior bag. I will contact VC for return/refund.
  11. Excuse me, please help me to authenticate this Dior sets?
    Thank you
  12. I believe this is authentic.
  13. We have actually seen some Lady Dior bags from VC which a few of us authenticators have believed to be fake in this past.
  14. Please authenticate for me. Thanks in advance.

    Item name:Authentic Christian Dior Grey Patent Mini Lady Dior Bag Runway
    Item number:201457761345
    Seller ID:moda*lisa
    Direct URL link:

  15. I know. I have seen so many fake bags and earrings but it seems VC doesn't check them much before they put them online. I saw some and if I commented, they removed mine right away. Not all of them are fake but there are some people still tried to sell bad and good fake so it's best to have some knowledge before we buy. I have failed with these 2 Dior bags and I must say if I don't have authentic Dior bag with me, I must have believe that they are real. One thing I just noticed, the serial numbers are identical.
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