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  1. Please post authenticity questions related to Dior in this thread. This thread is a continuation of the previous Authentication thread that has been closed for posting.

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  2. lucifero, im sorry all 3 fake.:tdown:
  3. thank you a lot for your help
  4. im not saying yes or no, even though the shape of the flap looks a bit off ( when compared to an authentic one photo attached, see how curvy the trim is? ) might be just a pic though and i thought they werent using contrasting stitching...seller is happy to provide more pics, ask for the pic of the tag inside and both sides of the authenticity card please.
  5. ooh im loving this clutch please advise


  6. See told you great minds think alike, I have this in my watchlist :upsidedown:

    I have seen this clutch before and it checks out :yes: but if you want to be 100% sure ask the seller to photograph the underside of the tag.
  7. thanks chic

    will ask for more pics.
  8. I think it's a bag that would look even nicer in person, does it look to you like the Dior on the front silver clasp is done in rhinestones as well, I thought it did but wasn't sure.
  9. Hi,

    I am new to all this and I'm about to pay a fortune for my first dior gaucho tote in winter white. The bag is about to be listed on eBay, by a 100% positive feedback seller

    so far, great customer service and communication. the bag is in a mint used condition with its medallion missing...offered price is a little over $1000 with shipping. currently my only concern is the seller's no refund policy and the missing medallion. would dior boutique replace it for me with a fee? and is this bag authentic? is the price reasonable?

    is it worth it or not worth it...i need everyone's advice. specially dior gaucho owners, your response will be greatly appreciated.

    I've attached some pictures, and thank you everyone!
    88920327_o.jpg 88920351_o.jpg 88920392_o.jpg 88920426_o.jpg 88920438_o.jpg
  10. BB is a member of the forum she is a mass Dior addict and I believe all her bags are
    100% authentic, I guess the price reflect the fact there is a missing medallion.

    I personally would only buy it if it inlcluded the medallion. Not quite sure if it can be replaced by Dior maybe you can contact them and ask.
  11. I'm not really familiar with the lady Dior so ladies please help me

  12. all looks good hun ! :tup:
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