Authenticate This Dior - please read post 1 FIRST

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  2. The bag looks perfectly authentic to me. If you are still not sure, you can do a needle test by heating the tip of a sewing needle with a flame until it glows, and then pricking the leather of the bag. If the needle forms a tiny hole in the leather, the leather is fake, and so is your bag. If the needle doesn't even go through the leather, then your bag is real.
  3. The Dior blue monogram bag in the pics is authentic. Not too sure about the other one with the honeycomb-like pattern, but it looks okay to me too.
  4. Scary but I will try it in the morning!!!!
  5. This bag is authentic. Whether or not a seller has a reputation for selling authentic items, it's best to consider each listing individually by checking the pictures provided. Some sellers with a reputation for selling authentic items have sold fakes as well.

  6. Thanks averagejoe,i'm delighted!!! it's the navy i was enquiring about so that is good news,the honeycomb bag was authenticate by Nat last week.
    Take care Katx
  7. Thank you! I was hoping it was authentic, I've been drooling over it for a while now and now I can buy it :yahoo:
  8. dont try it lol that bag is REAL, there is not a single tiny thing that looks off, such fakes dont exist ;)

  9. Fashionpile has their problems but if they have pictures of an authentic bag, that is the bag they will send. It would be a good idea to run a search on the forum to check out a seller before the purchase, sct1019;)
  10. Thanks so much averagejoe and nataliam1976!
  11. What do you guys think? Real?[​IMG]
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