Authenticate this DIOR bag

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Nov 25, 2009
The product code is correct and looks authentic.

Usually sites like this and sell their items cheaper than retail because they get their items directly from the factory, and are able to sell them at a small discounted price.

ALWAYS read the Terms and Conditions.

Here's a quote from their website's Term and Conditions

Guarantees and product price indication
PRET-A-BEAUTE.COM sells authentic products.
PRET-A-BEAUTE.COM offers for sale luxury and top-quality products. These products are purchased by PRET-A-BEAUTE.COM directly from fashion houses, manufacturers and dealers, carefully selected for their stringent quality control.

PRET-A-BEAUTE.COM does not sell second-hand products, flawed products or products of lower quality.

It is illegal to claim something is "authentic," when its not true.
And some sites get away with this because they state one thing, but in their Terms and Conditions they state another.


Feb 8, 2007
The Palace
Hi, I see you found the appropriate thread. All Dior authenticity questions belong in that thread :yes:

Thank you!
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