Authenticate This Diane von Furstenberg

  1. Anybody?
  2. I believe it looks good - make sure the tags are still on it when you receive it and take a good look at them -- they are blurry in the auction picture.
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    I received red polka dot Betty silk shantung dress from eBay recently. Looks dodgy because it doesn't have hanging loops. Also the side tag with the style name and number is sewn very low, not under armpit like all the dresses I have. Since I live in the UK, there are very few retailers who stock DvF and it is very difficult to authenticate it. Could you please have a look at it?

    Here are the photos I've taken:



  4. I'm not sure. I have one DVF and the font on the tage with style name/number seems to be thinner than the one you have shown. Also, the location seemse weird as mentioned. I'm not sure though, but may be fishy. I believe there is an "Authenticat this Clothing" thread, so I would try there.
  5. Hi there,

    I am sorry if this thread is not supposed to be here. Please move if I am mistaken. Thanks!

    I am interested in this top on eBay:

    I desperately want it to be real but I see some red flags:

    1. There are three of the same tops posted and in different sizes
    2. There are 3 "reina" dresses posted in the same print
    3. I have never seen the Gingko print in anything but a wrap and the reina style
    4. I cannot find a picture of the top on any of the archive top retailer sites

    So, does anybody think this is real?
  6. Hi, could you re-post in the Wardrobe forum here

    Btw, your ebay link doesn't work.

    Good luck
  7. Hi there,

    This tag does not look like my other ones (no size, label sheen), what do you gals think?


  8. Still waiting ?
  9. Are there fake DVF purses? I bought an ostrich print one a while back, and would like to be sure it's real. TIA!
  10. Just picked up a dress from Poshmark and I'm not sure it's a real DVF. And has an odd low waistline.
    I haven't found the same dress online and there's no hologram tag.
    Your opinions are appreciated.
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