Authenticate This Coccinelle

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  1. Hi,

    I recently purchased a Coccinelle handbag from

    I was thrown by the studs on the exterior of the bag which say Fiocchi Italy.

    Also, the zip does not say Coccinelle on it either.

    The only sign that it is a Coccinelle bag is the interior lining and plate on the interior pocket.

    Does anyone know whether Coccinelle use Fiocchi studs on their bags and whether yoox always sells the legitimate item?

    Photos to follow.
    Thanks in advance
  2. Hi, Yoox is a reputable seller.
  3. I thought so too but the fiocchi studs have thrown me.

    Photos below
  4. I'm having some issues getting pics to load. sorry, stay with me...
  5. Third time lucky...

    Attached Files:

  6. can anyone authenticate this please?
  7. Bumping this up as I still haven't had any response- anyone know coccinelle well enough to authenticate?
  8. elsafied-
    My boyfriend bought me a Coccinelle bag at one of their boutiques on our trip to Italy this year. the liner of your bag is the same as mine, as is the stamp on the inside, but my studs are plain. all of the button have coccinelle stamped them. have you looked at the website? they also have forums that might be helpful to you

    i googled finocchi italy and looks like it might be a manufacturing company. i might be concerned too....:shrugs:

    Though yoox does sell things that designers make specially for them or that are overstock. maybe coccinelle used finocchi italy to make these buttons on your purse.

    the reason i found this thread is that i LOVE my coccinelle bag and was wondering if it is possible to find them in the u.s.
  9. My guess is not because of the dust bag...
  10. Please authenticate this:
    Chanel Black On Black Quilted Ligne Cambon Bucket Tote Bag
    authentication #9672805
    Item # through Malleries: MALb240

    This has a pink lining, ordered from Malleries through TBQ International

    Thank you
  11. My Coccinelle dust bag does not look like the one in the ebay photo. Mine is solid brown with the word "Coccinelle" towards the center bottom. It is not patterned like the one in the ebay photo.

    That being said, it's possible that the dust bags change every now and then. I'm not sure what year my bag is--I see the style online as a F/W 11 bag, but not in the color that I have it.

    At the very least I would want to see more photos of the bag including the interior where the "coccinelle" stamp is, as well as a picture of the metal tag on the front.
  12. Chanel authentication requests go here:

    Please make sure to follow the rules posted here: